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How to Get Lots of Water in Enshrouded

Gotta stay hydrated when facing the Shroud!




You don’t really need Water to survive in Enshrouded. However, it is a useful buff to have early in the game. Once you get to the latter part of the game, the buff isn’t really useful.

But, Water will be needed for a lot of useful recipes in the future. In fact, you’ll need hundreds of Water for things like farming, crafting better consumables, and creating other reagents.

In this guide, we’ll help you get a steady supply of Water in Enshrouded. By steady supply, we mean hundreds at a time!

How to Get Lots of Water

Early Game – Loot It!

How to Get Lots of Water in Enshrouded - Looting

The easiest way to get water early in Enshrouded is to simply loot it. You can randomly find Water by looting crates, tables, sacks, and even by killing certain enemies such as Bears.

World-Spawned Water Wells

Longkeep map

Sadly, though, it’s not a guaranteed drop from any of these sources. But, to make up for it, there is one renewable guaranteed source: Water Wells.

Longkeep water well

Conveniently, Longkeep has a Water Well. Longkeep is the encampment north of the Cinder Vault at the start of the game, and it’s pretty close to where the game makes you set up your first base.

Harvest Homestead location

In fact, most settlements that get marked on your map have a Water Well. For example, the Harvest Homestead northwest of Longkeep also has a Water Well.

Gathering at a Water Well

Regardless, you can use these Water Wells freely anytime you want. You will get about 5 to 10 Water each time you gather using them.

Now, it takes some in-game time for these Water Wells to replenish. If you’re playing offline in single-player, though, you can actually skip the wait entirely.

Main Menu trick

Just pause the game and quit back to the main menu, then reload your save. Then, go back to the Water Well and gather again to get more Water instantly.

You do respawn back at the latest base you used, though. So, it’s a good idea to set up a Flame Altar and a base next to a place that has a Water Well early in the game.

Later on, though, you’ll get to craft your very own Water Well!

Get Your Own Water Well

How to Get Lots of Water in Enshrouded - Crafting a Water WEll

It’s time to become independent and stop relying on the Water Wells from abandoned settlements!

Your first pre-requisite is to find and free the Carpenter, then put him in your base. He will give you the “Finding Masonry Tools” quest as part of his personal quest chain.

Complete the quest and you will unlock a lot of new crafting recipes, including the Water Well and Improved Water Well.

Water Well requirements and recipe

Both of these recipes can be crafted at the Carpenter’s. Here’s what you will need for the regular Water Well recipe:

  • Linen x20 – Can be crafted using Flax at the Hand Spindle.
  • Stone x100 – Can be found lying all over the ground or mined from large boulders using a Pickaxe.
  • Wooden Bucket x1 – Can be crafted at the Carpenter. Requires Wood Planks x2, Metal Sheets x1, and Charcoal x1.

The Improved Water Well will require the exact same materials with the addition of Iron Bars x2. You can make those at the Smelter using Iron Ore and Charcoal.

The main difference is that the Improved Water Well will give you more Water each time you gather, and also renews faster. Though you can always use the main menu trick to work around it, of course.

Multiple Water Wells at base

Simply craft either version of the Water Well and place it within your base. Congratulations, you now have an infinite supply of Water right at home!

You can also craft multiple Water Wells if you have the materials and need even more Water. You’ll definitely need as much Water as possible once you start farming, for one.

Nonetheless, now you know how to get as much Water as you will ever need in Enshrouded!

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