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Honkai: Star Rail: To Whom to Give the Blue Signal Log

This blue log contains a white lie, but who does it belong to?




One of the quests in Honkai: Star Rail will result in you having a Blue Signal Log in your possession.

The message in it seems to hold importance to someone, so you should bring it to them as soon as possible! But who is it for and where are they?

In this short guide, we’ll tell you where you should give the Blue Signal Log!

Where to Deliver the Blue Signal Log in Honkai: Star Rail

Source: ZaFrostPet

The Blue Signal Log is obtained near the end of the “To: The Faint Star”. It’s given to you by Bernard as part of the quest.

This log contains a lie and is the opposite of the Red Signal Log which contains the truth. You can deliver it to Rocky, who was the young man that started this quest by asking you to log into some old records.

Source: ZaFrostPet

You’ll find Rocky in Herta’s Office at the Herta Space Station, and you should have already met him there and spoken to him previously.

Simply speak with him and he will notice the decoded records in your possession, allowing you to choose which one to give to him.

Source: ZaFrostPet

For the purpose of this guide, you can pick “The Blue Lie” to deliver the Blue Signal Log.

As far as we know, it doesn’t actually matter which log you give him. The quest will be completed either way and the rewards will be the same too.

You also have no use for the Blue Signal Log if you choose to deliver the red one instead. You can’t give it to any other character in the game, at least currently.

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