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Honkai Star Rail: Cloudford Navigation Compass Puzzle Solutions

Are those navigation compass puzzles giving you a headache? We got you covered!




Cloudford is home to a lot of puzzles, and you’ll eventually come across them during your playthrough. One such puzzle is the navigation compass puzzle.

Just like some of the other puzzles in Honkai: Star Rail, this type of puzzle resets daily, with each day featuring a new one.

For this guide, we’ll be looking at the solution to all of the puzzles in Cloudford for day 3.

Cloudford Navigation Compass Puzzle Solutions in Honkai: Star Rail

As usual with puzzles that reset daily, the day 3 puzzles will be available on the next day once you have completed all of the day 2 puzzles.

Source: Quick Guides

To start, simply head to this location on the map as shown in the image above. As soon as you get there, you’ll find the first navigation compass.

In order to solve it, you have to turn the compass in a way that its inner and outer rings’ Celestial Axis align in the same direction.

This applies to the other three navigation compass puzzles in the area as well.

Puzzle #1

Source: Quick Guides

Each navigation compass has three different rings. You’ll also notice two buttons at the lower right corner of the screen, one to switch to a ring and another to rotate a selected ring.

To solve the first puzzle, rotate the outer ring twice and then the middle ring three times. You should be able to replicate the one in the image below:

Shortly after, a freight starskiff will appear. Approach it then investigate it afterward, then go back to the timetable which is the board right next to the navigation compass.

Interact with the timetable then choose the option to wait for the next batch of freight starskiffs to proceed to the second puzzle.

Puzzle #2

For this one, start by rotating the outermost ring twice. Switch to the middle ring once and rotate it to align the rings like this:

Source: Quick Guides

Switch back to the outer ring and rotate it twice. After that, switch to the middle ring and rotate it twice as well. This should then solve the puzzle.

Same as before, a freight starskiff will arrive. This time, it will contain two basic treasure chests that you can open for loot.

Simply follow the same steps as the first puzzle to get to the third one.

Puzzle #3

To solve the third puzzle, start by rotating the middle ring once to get a result like the one shown above.

Switch to the innermost ring and rotate it once, then switch to the outermost ring and rotate it twice. Finally, go back to the innermost ring and rotate it twice to align all of the rings.

The starskiff this time will contain a Bountiful Treasure chest alongside a weak enemy you have to take care of.

Puzzle #4

The last Cloudford navigation compass puzzle is quite simple. All you have to do is switch to the innermost ring and rotate it four times. You should then be able to solve it afterward.

Interact with the starskiff and speak to the person inside of it. Then, head to Yujin to get some clothes which you should deliver to the man inside the starskiff.

After giving him the clothes, the starskiff will then open, allowing you to open the Precious Treasure chest for some amazing Relic set pieces.

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