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Helldivers 2: How to Get Warbonds

Fill your pockets with Warbond Medals

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Helldivers 2: How to Get Warbonds

Warbonds are the main currency in Helldivers 2, and you’ll need them if you want to fill up your wardrobe with some sexy armor and cosmetics. Once you’ve gained a bunch of these bonds, you can acquire items between missions at the Acquisition Centre.

You don’t have to search long and hard to get your hands on a chest full of Warbond Medals in Helldivers 2. Here’s a look at a few ways to load your pockets full of Warbonds!

How to Get Warbonds

Warbond Medals are rewarded for completing missions under the Galactic War map, and the amount rewarded is dependent on the difficulty.

Warbonds are earned by completing missions, and the amount changes depending on the difficulty. Whenever you’re about to select a mission, first have a peek at how many Warbonds are on offer under the Missions Completed Bonus header.

Focused Strategy Missions

As a general rule of thumb, harder missions will always payout more Warbonds. Focused Strategy missions reward players with a lucrative amount of Warbonds. These timed missions are available on the Galactic War Map.

That said, they take much longer to complete than most regular missions. But, completing them in a group is an easier assignment.

Caches of Warbond Medals

Container in Helldivers 2

You can also find caches of Warbond Medals during a mission. These Warbonds are in containers at different interests on the map. Throwing a grenade at one of these containers, seen in the image above, will blast off the doors and reveal some Warbonds.

Drop Pods

Drop pods in Helldivers 2

During a mission, you’ll also come across shining drop pods scattered throughout the map in Helldivers 2. Opening these drop pods rewards Super Credits and Warbond Medals.

Complete Mission Objectives

Complete mission objectives in Helldivers 2

Other than finding Warbonds in missions, your main focus should be to complete all the mission objectives. The more mission objectives you complete, the more Warbond rewards you get.

Good luck, and spend those Warbonds wisely!

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