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Helldiver 2: How to Farm Super Credits Quickly

Get credit faster than ever!

Kaylee Nancarrow



Helldivers 2: How to Farm Super Credits Quickly

Super Credits are a form of premium currency in Helldivers 2. You can buy them and use them to purchase some new gear or cosmetics. That said, Helldivers 2 does let you earn Super Credits through normal gameplay.

If you’re not game to spend your real-life money on Super Credits, here’s how you can earn them without spending a dime!

How to Farm Super Credits Quickly

One of the best ways to earn in-game credit and unlock gear is arguably through completing missions. Instead of awarding players with XP based on story completion, Helldivers 2 rewards players with Warbond Medals.

That said, these medals are more than just an achievement, it is a form of currency.

Unlock Super Credits with Warbonds

You can acquire Warbonds by completing mission objectives, looting caches, and various points of interest on the map. The harder the difficulty level of a mission, the more Warbonds you will acquire.

You can spend your hard-earned Warbonds to purchase weapons, armor, and Super Credits from the Acquisition Center.

Buy Super Credits with Warbonds

There are 800 Super Credits that you can purchase across all 10 pages in the Acquisition Center. Super Credit becomes more expensive the further you move up the list, so buying them can cost quite a few Warbonds.

Loot Points of Interest and Caches

Points of Interest in Helldivers 2

While you’re completing missions in the Galactic War Map, you will often come across loot and points of interest on the map. Points of interest are marked with a diamond symbol on the map and they’re easy to spot as they emit a bright shining light, as seen in the image above.

At these points of interest, you’ll often find Warbonds and sometimes will be lucky enough to get some Super Credits. However, Super Credits are a premium currency in the game, so you’re not just going to find them lying around.

A lot of Super Credits await!

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