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Dwarf Fortress: How To Build Temple Guide

Learn how you can make a temple in Dwarf Fortress.




dwarf fortress how to build temple guide

Since Dwarf Fortress is already out on Steam, many players have been trying out the game and learning its mechanics of it. 

As you already know, the most important thing that you will have to do here is to design the whole fortress for the dwarves who will inhabit this. It should be suitable for them and perfectly made to be able to still have an access to their needs.

Aside from the needs, these dwarves also need a special place wherein they can relax or get together with other dwarves. To do this, you have to learn how to build some structures.

How to Build Temple Guide in Dwarf Fortress

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Firstly, you might think about how important a temple is in the fortress for it to be included.

Basically, a temple is a special place for dwarves for them to relax, meditate, and even socialize with other dwarves. With that, here is how you can build the temple.

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The first step should be looking for a spot where you want to place it. Once you have already chosen, mine the blocks and shape the space however you want. 

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When mining is done, proceed on smoothing the floor. While the process is still on going, you can decide whether you want to make another temple since one temple can only be assigned to one deity.

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After smoothing the floor, you can now start placing the door by pressing b or by clicking the icon below. Then, click door/hatches.

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Next up is the most important furniture to be placed inside the temple. It is the offering table. Again, press b or click the icon. Then, click Furniture and look for Offering Place. Once chosen, click on the spot where you want to place it inside the temple. 

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The next thing you have to do is click this zone tab or press z and choose Meeting Area. After that, click and drag the tiles that will cover the whole temple. Assign it as a temple as well. 

After assigning it as a temple, you can also see the list of the name of deities and how many of the dwarves worship them. However, you can also opt to choose No Specific Deity so that anyone can go here.

Lastly, you can modify whether it is exclusive for the citizens and long-term residents only, or if visitors are also welcome.

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