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Diablo 4: Tolling Bells Quest Walkthrough

Let us tell you how to silence the annoying Drowned Bells in this quest.




The Tolling Bells event is one of the many events players can find in Diablo 4’s world. In case you’re wondering, events are random small quests that happen randomly.

Have you heard a bell going off as you explore the Jagged Shoals? That signals the start of the Tolling Bells Event!

But how can you complete this event quest? Let’s find out how!

How to Complete the Tolling Bells Event Quest

Source: Sipder

As soon as you notice a bell ringing in the Jagged Shoals, look at your minimap. You should see a large circle that tells you where the bell is. Investigate the marked area.

You should eventually come across a large bell called the “Drowned Bell”. A Drowned Juggernaut might also be near it banging on the bell.

Get ready to fight and approach the bell. Attack the bell and a variety of drowned enemies will start spawning!

Source: Sipder

Take out the enemies while also dealing damage to the bell. Area of Effect attacks will be extremely useful here.

Once you break down the bell, you will need to find the remaining Drowned Elites in the area. Fight them and take them down.

As soon as you kill the last remaining Drowned Elite, the Tolling Bell event will be complete! You’ll get experience, gold, and a handful of loot as rewards.

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