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Descenders: Full Achievement Walkthrough |100%

Bike in style as you soar through 100% completion in this fast-paced stunt game!

Iris Ruiz



Descenders is an action-packed downhill biking experience that offers a wide variety of stunts that you can pull while rolling down a mountain range.  Most of the achievements in this game are earned during your career playthrough and shouldn’t pose any difficulty to get. 

If you’re a completionist, then this guide is for you.  Some of the achievements will be clustered into bigger ones as doing the main achievements would also give you the side achievements you can get in the game. 

There are a total of 40 achievements and you would normally need two playthroughs needed to get them all.

Full Achievement Walkthrough |100% – Descenders

Bring A Friend

This achievement can be acquired by playing through a level with one or more buddies.  You don’t necessarily need to invite someone to play a game since you can just join a public game and earn the achievement through there.

Into The Woods

Reach The Forest, which is the second world in Career mode.  To unlock this world, you need to get through the boss level in Highlands.  It would be indicated by a skull icon on the world map.

Bear in mind that each instance is unique so the number of levels you would need to complete will be random at each run.

The Rampage Begins

Complete The Forest map’s boss level to reach The Canyon and you’ll automatically unlock this achievement.

The Final Challenge

As before, finish The Canyon’s boss level to unlock The Peaks.  This could be done by jumping over a large canyon and safely landing through the finish line on the other side.

Made it

You would need to complete The Peaks’ boss level to unlock this achievement, but there are two circumstances to complete it.  We suggest completing the fire node in this level (flame icon on the map) to unlock the easier boss level jump.  If the fire node isn’t completed, it would be slightly difficult with two jumps.

The Golden Run (Also unlocks “True Descender”)

This is the most difficult achievement in the game as it requires you to complete the Career mode, from Highlands to The Peaks, without crashing even once.

True Descender, in the same fashion, would just need to be a full run without losing all your lives.

It Begins

Get sponsored by any of the three teams in the game.  To get a sponsorship, you need to complete a special team node (depicted using a red blue and green pie chart).  Choose any team and complete the level for the sponsorship.

Once you accept the sponsorship, the achievement will unlock.

Ain’t No Scrub (Also unlocks “Carving a Path” and “Found Your Flow”)

This set of achievements focuses on the Rep points (Reputation) you get from playing the game.  Reputation can be earned executing various stunts and feats during your Career or Career+ mode.  Here are the Rep points you need to earn for each achivement:

  • Carving a Path: 10,000 REP
  • Found Your Flow: 50,000 REP
  • Ain’t No Scrub: 250,000 REP

These achievements automatically unlock once you cross the REP threshold needed.

Quite A Collection (Also unlocks “Get Some Gear” and “It’s Getting Cluttered in Here”)

These achievements can be earned by unlocking a certain amount of items in the game.

  • Get Some Gear: Unlock 10 items
  • It’s Getting Cluttered in Here: Unlock 25 Items
  • Quite a Collection: Unlock 50 items

You’re Still here?

You can access the credits by going to the lobby map, press the start button then select Extras > Credits.  Ride through the credits and finish to unlock this achievement

What a Legend

You can unlock Career+ mode after reaching 250,000 REP from all your sessions.  Once you unlock, you need to finish Career+ without losing all your lives.  You only get 4 lives when you start the game.


This achievement can be unlocked by crashing your bike.  Probably the easiest and most fun achievement to unlock.

Gap In the Market

For this achievement, you would need to complete 10 mini-bosses in the map.  Each world has a unique mini-boss.  Make all the jumps in each map and an orange text will indicate if you have completed the jump needed for that particular area.

Show em who’s Boss

Complete any boss jump without getting REKT and this achievement will automatically unlock. 

The Training Was Worth It

Pretty straightforward.  In the Highlands boss track, there would be a moving train.  You would need to jump over it to unlock this achievement.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t stick the landing, you’ll get the achievement as long as you complete the jump.

Represent Your Style

After you choose your team, you would need to complete a team node.  Like how you got sponsored, just go to any of the sponsored tracks (red blue and green pie chart icon) and complete the track to unlock this.

Dialed In

This achievement is unlocked when you get shortcuts.  To unlock shortcuts, complete the previous world’s bonus objective on the last boss track three times.

Flipping Heck

Stuns will play a huge chunk in getting this achievement as this one needs you to land a double frontflip.  Once you do the flips, the achievement will unlock.

Every Axis

Back to stunts, this one requires you to land (not crash) a 360 frontflip.

Getting Dizzy

This is another stunt requirement.  To unlock this achievement you would need to land a 720 double backflip.

Speed Demon

Just like the name suggests, you need to go very fast.  You would need to reach a speed of 100km/h to get this one.  We recommend going through fire nodes to get this achievement.

Pull My Finger

It’s all fun and games until someone whips out the whoopee cushion.  While it relies a lot on your RNG, this achievement automatically unlocks when you use the whoopee cushion 200 times.

Don’t Look Down

This achievement automatically unlocks after you complete the boss jump in the Volcano map.  This world is unlocked by completing the fire node level in each world in career mode and you would need to jump through the flaming hoop that appears in each boss level.

Go the Extra Mile

Unlock this achievement by completing all the bonus worlds.

Flying Finish

It must be done in Career or Career+ and at any level.  You would need to crash land onto the finish line. 


The most time consuming achievement, it requires you to complete all the 48 objectives in daily sponsor tasks.  As only three tasks are unlocked each day, you would have to wait a few days to finish this achievement.

Bring a Friend

Finish a level in multiplayer mode.  Just go to Ride from the start menu then select Casual Lobby.  Pick a session and finish the track to unlock this achievement.

Get the Gang Together

You need to have three crew members with different colored perks.  To gain this achievement, finish a session with these crew members.

And that’s all the achievements found in Descenders!  Good luck to all completionists!

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Total War Three Kingdoms: Court Guide

Shameful display!

Alexis Ongsansoy



total war three kingdoms court guide

Going to war and managing your troops in the heat of battle has always been the core gameplay of Total War, either that or deliberately heading straight into battle outgunned or outnumbered in order to test the mettle of your troops. But with the Three Kingdoms things can get mighty confusing when you’re not out fighting. You’d be surprised how something as simple as choosing who to put on councils can take up your time when you’re not quite sure of your decisions. That will all go away as we show you the way of heaven’s will in this guide and lead your kingdom to prosperity!

Court Guide | Total War Three Kingdoms

Now the court is made up of your faction leaders, heirs, and your administrators. You manage your dynasty here as you unlock more positions when you progress. Let’s go further into detail below and see how you can manage your people better.

total war three kingdoms court guide2

While you’re in the in-game map click on the Court button or press 2 to bring up the rest of your family tree. What you can do here first is to hover over everyone’s portraits to see the positive and negative benefits they can offer if they’re to be assigned to a certain position.

total war three kingdoms court guide3

Next thing that you should be on the lookout for is the character’s Background. You can find this by hovering over the general’s name, there’s plenty of generals each with their own unique background so be careful who you choose! For this example, Liu Bei is a Virtuous Idealist. That helps you with public order and upkeep but gives you 25% less income due to their poor background.

total war three kingdoms court guide4

Another interesting thing to keep in mind are the basic Traits. You will have to keep a close eye on this as it influences character relations throughout the campaign. Same with the Background, there are numerous Traits in the game and your character can earn more as you progress with them.

total war three kingdoms court guide5

Of course besides the individual Traits and Backgrounds you also would want to know more about navigating the Court itself. Each individual position in the court will have its own explanation and allows you to see the rank required in order to unlock it.

You can choose good old fashioned nepotism and assign a post to a family member or a general who’s done actual work with their own hands. Each character will offer various bonuses depending on the position they’re assigned to.

Remember – not all your characters need to be out in the field as some of them are more proficient with administrative affairs. The pen is mightier than the sword, and all of that.

total war three kingdoms court guide6

Now that you’ve assigned a post to the members of your Court the next thing you need to do is to make sure everyone is satisfied. You wouldn’t want someone in a position of power to complain and suddenly decide it would be in their best interest to rebel! That gets in the way of prosperity and no one wants that.

In order to view a character’s Satisfaction go and hover over their character panel or check the characters list on your campaign screen. If you choose the character panel check to the right of their age in order to see their opinion about you.

Some of the things you can do to make sure they don’t look elsewhere is to make sure that the post you assigned to them is compatible with their class. For example if your character’s class is Sentinel then you would want to make that character into an Administrator.

Lastly, it’s recommended that you assign a post that complements their level. Give them a post that’s too out of reach for them and their satisfaction will suffer just as much. Now that’s good work ethic!

total war three kingdoms court guide7

And that is how you manage internal affairs in Total War: Three Kingdoms. Now that you know the intricacies of the court you can be your very own Sun Tzu and lead by example!

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