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Core Keeper: How to Grow Crops

Like most games of it’s kind, Core Keeper features farming. But, in this game, it’s much more important, as it provides both food for cooking and wood for everything else.




Growing Crops in Core Keeper will provide a source of food and the game’s main resource – wood. But there are a lot of steps you’ll need to complete before you can start farming. Let’s go over each in order.

How to Grow Crops in Core Keeper

The most important tool you’ll need is a hoe. To make it, you’ll need 4 wood units and 2 copper bars. Wood can be found pretty much everywhere, but to turn the ore into bars, you’ll need a furnace, made using the crafting table with 20 dirt wall 10 wood units. Once you’ll have a hoe, you can dig on any dirt surface, which will make it ready for planting crops.

Planting and Watering in Core Keeper

How to Grow Crops in Core Keeper

Now, you can water the dirt you’ve dug and plant the seeds you want. Most crops can be used for cooking, but they also have other uses. The plants you can grow in the game are: Root, Giant mushroom, Explosive pepper, Heart berry, Glowing tulip and Stone carrot. Each needs to be watered to grow.

Growing Crops

How to Grow Crops in Core Keeper

The crops usually take 3-4 stages to grow, so you should find something else to do for a while. Each crop will glow when ready. You can harvest the crops for food, or, in case of roots, for wood.

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