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Core Keeper: How to Craft Armor

Whether to fight bosses or to avoid unfortunate accidents during mining, armor will prove to be your best friend in Core Keeper.




Though at first, the world of Core Keeper may not seem that dangerous, you can still get easily killed if you’re not careful. And every death will cause you to lose all your items, so you should take every possible precaution. The most basic one would be crafting armor.

How to Craft Armor in Core Keeper

How to Craft Armor in Core Keeper

Occasionally, you can find random pieces randomly when exploring the caverns, but this is hardly the best source of these items.

To craft your own armor, you’ll first need an anvil, which can be made using 8 copper bars. In order to turn copper ore into copper bars, you’ll first need a furnace, which can be crafted at the crafting table using 20 Dirt Wall and 10 wood.

After making the anvil, place it somewhere in your base. From there, you’ll be able to use many materials found in the game to craft armor, starting with wood.

Armor Pieces

How to Craft Armor in Core Keeper

There are three armor slots your character can use. Helmets require the least resources but also offer less protection. Pants are better and more costly, but the best option is usually the piece covering your torso.

You should generally aim to gain more resources for better pieces, but if you’ve only obtained some materials by accident and don’t know a way to get more, crafting a better helmet straight away is advisable as well.

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