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Best Settings to Use in Combat Master Mobile

Best settings to improve your gameplay.




Combat Master Mobile is a fast-paced competitive game, so you want to use every tool at your disposal.

This includes properly configuring the game’s settings, particularly the graphics, and controls!

In this guide, we’ll tell you which settings we recommend for this game.

Best Settings for Combat Master Mobile

Source: Lord Hec Squad

First, let’s go over the graphics settings. These will depend on your device’s power, so you might need to do some customization yourself, however.

Nonetheless, we recommend setting the overall graphical quality to either Low or Medium. This should provide the smoothest gameplay performance, though it comes at the cost of visuals.

Next, scroll down and look for the Field of View option.

Source: Lord Hec Squad

If you have a regular phone, we recommend setting it between 70 to 85. A higher FOV would make it harder to detect enemies on a small screen!

If you have a tablet, you can just max it out at 100. This will give you the best vision and you will have no issues with your tablet’s large screen.

Lastly, set the Frames Per Second to 60 for the smoothest possible performance.

Next, let’s go over all the control settings! These are possibly the most important settings to change.

Best Control Settings in Combat Master Mobile

To start, we recommend that you configure the Rotation Mode settings to your liking. This depends on if you use Gyro Aim or not, basically. Make sure to enable it if you prefer it.

More important, though, are the Sensitivity Settings.

We recommend starting with the Medium preset and setting the Sensitivity Switch to Instantly, as it will make it more responsive.

Now, these are the approximate sensitivities we recommend for each category:

  • Standard: 400
  • Scope x1.5: 390
  • Scope x2: 390
  • Scope x2.4: 370
  • Scope x3: 350
  • Scope x4: 350
  • Scope x6: 340
  • Scope x8: 300

You generally want to try to have higher sensitivity, as it makes it easier to quickly aim and requires less effort. It might take some getting used to, though!

Of course, you will want to reduce the sensitivity when using scopes with more magnification so that you have finer control while aiming down signs. There is no aim-assist, so you need precision.

To finish up, these are our recommended Additional settings in the controls tab:

  • Hold Aim: Off.
  • Sniper shoot from Aim: Off.
  • Enter Aim When Shoot: Off.
  • Auto-loot: On.
  • Double Tap Action: No.
  • Shooting Touch Zone: On.
  • Ads Touch Zone: Off.
  • Invert Touch Zones: Off.
Source: Combat Master Mobile Play Store Page

These are just our recommendations, of course, and what we found worked best. Feel free to customize them to your liking if anything feels wrong to you.

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