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Best 4-Star Monsters To Build In Summoners War Chronicles

Which 4-Star Monster is the best?

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best 4 star monsters to build in summoners war chronicles

Summoning and evolving monsters are key to defending the kingdom and its ethereal forests, ancient lands, and frozen lands in Summoners War: Chronicles. So, choosing the best monster to compose your team is an important decision you must make! Which one to choose? Who’s the best monster warrior? This guide is here to help you out!

Summoners War Chronicles – Best 4-Star Monsters To Build

As you progress through Summoners War: Chronicles, you’ll get Four-Star Selection Tickets. This is an item you must take to Jules at Casslan Square to acquire Four-Star monsters.

Once you interact with Jules, you can choose a monster in the Fire, Water, or Wind category. Before selecting one, you might want to progress a little in the game, so you can better understand your playstyle and your needs.


In the Fire department, there are a couple of monsters you’ll want to consider.

Spectra is a fire gryphon and she’s a dungeon boss killer! Build her with high HP and high critical damage, and she might just become the best Fire monster in the game.

The fire harpy Colleen, however, might be your bet if you wish for a support unit. She can heal allies and boost up their attacks; she has a healing block and can lower enemies’ attacks when they also have one.

Racuni is your secondary healer with his ability to restore the HP of an ally 1 damage point over time. He also decreases the skill cooldown and applies Skill Acceleration to the Summoner. Finally, its basic attack heals your lowest-HP ally.

Chloe is a support monster that can apply invincibility to nearby allies and remove all harmful effects on them, recover the HP of nearby allies (and apply invincibility if the HP is below a certain threshold)


If you prefer a Wind monster, your two best choices for the early game are:

Wind penguin Mav with his ability to constantly draw the enemies’ attention while applying Continuous Recovery to himself, Skill Acceleration that removes 1 damage over time from allies.

The wolf Ramahan can remove beneficial effects from the enemy when attacking, which applies an attack bonus to himself. His attacks can also decrease Skill cooldown if the enemy has beneficial effects. His ultimate lowers defence and the level of enemies’ beneficial effects.


Last but not least, here are the best Water monsters you’ll want to consider:

Water werewolf Vigor deals damage based on its max HP, each attack chancing the enemy’s defence drop. It howls to recover allies’ HP and apply attack speed up.

Rina is full of gimmicks. Whenever she receives a critical hit, she gains a shield. Her first skill removes harmful effects from allies and applies shield, and her second skill heals allies and applies a defence boost if Epikion Priest has shield.

Lulu is a straight healer that can recover HP and removes harmful effects.

Talc is a mammoth and one of the best tanks in the game. He applies shields and defence boosts, deals damage based on its defence, and heals allies.

Sera and Yaku are possible choices if you want frostbite damage dealers. Yaku is a strong damage-based monster while Sera uses pistols with high chances of dealing frostbite damage and removing immunity.

Thank you Barcode for producing this valuable guide! If you want to see more, please check out his video: SAVE YOUR TICKETS! 4-STAR MONSTERS to BUILD in SUMMONERS WAR CHRONICLES!

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