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The Exit 8: Best Tips & Tricks to Beat the Game

Yeah, we’re making it out the loop with this one.




The Exit 8: Best Tips & Tricks to Beat the Game

The Exit 8 is a recent walking simulator from the Japanese developer Kotake Create. The game follows your player traversing through an endless loop of the same underground metro corridor, attempting to spot the various differences between each loop before being able to move onto the next one. 

These anomalies range in difficulty, some blatantly obvious and others rather obscure, so here is a breakdown of some tips and tricks that will help you reach the final exit and beat the game.  

Best Tips & Tricks to Beat the Game

Attention to Detail

Firstly, remain calm when playing the game. Many of the anomalies, such as the eyes of a poster moving or a door subtly creaking open, can be easy to miss on first glance.

The game isn’t long and can be completed relatively quickly, so if you’re rushing through it you will miss some of the subtleties in the gameplay.

Take your time when navigating the corridor, inspect and memorize as many elements as possible and spend some time familiarizing yourself on the first level. 

Source: The Exit 8 on Steam

Stay Vigilant

Whilst there is a generally creepy atmosphere in The Exit 8 most anomalies are harmless – but not all of them! Several anomalies, such as a camouflaged humanoid figure at the end of the corridor, will trigger a game over if you let them get too close. 

Make sure you stay vigilant when playing the game and are ready for the occasional light jump scare. Get ready to turn around and run at the drop of a hat. 

Objects of Interest

The anomalies are usually centred around the objects inside the corridor itself. Whilst there is the occasional one that is an addition, most can be found by inspecting the same components on repeat. Some areas to watch out for include: 

  • The walking man – double check his actions are what they should be. 
  • The posters. Have any of them moved, changed image or added new details? 
  • Doors. How many are there? Have the details changed? 
  • Overhead lights and signs. Do they look the same as they did before? 

Tick Off The Anomalies You’ve Found

There will be no repeats in the anomalies until you have played the game through enough times to have seen them all.

Don’t waste time searching for what you’ve already seen but note that a lot of the anomalies can be built around the same objects.

If you haven’t spotted one, most times you can return to the corridor, and it will still be there meaning you can take your time and find them all. 

Be Logical

Of course, you might have to suddenly run away at any given moment. But there’s at least 30 anomalies in The Exit 8, meaning having a logical routine for finding them will help.

Perhaps you investigate all of the left side of the wall, then the right side – make sure to really hone in on those details and have your sound up as some of them are triggered through audio!

Don’t just randomly spiral around each level hoping for the best.  

The Exit 8 is a short but addictive game with a unique concept behind it, and hopefully these tips will help you spot all of the anomies on your own! Thank you to the generous community for sharing these. 

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