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Enshrouded: Can You Force Save?

When autosaving just isn’t good enough…




Like most modern games, Enshrouded features an auto-save function. This means that the game automatically saves your progress, your position in the world, and your inventory items. This works pretty well for the most part and is a pretty welcome feature. 

Sometimes, it can still be a bit troublesome. In Enshrouded, there’s no indication to show that your game has autosaved. Not only that, a lot of players have reported losing progress. So, how can you circumvent this, and is there a force save option?

Can You Force Save?

Unfortunately, you can not force save in Enshrouded. There is no dedicated button for saving your game in the menus and no explicit way to save it during gameplay. 

Players are awfully dedicated though, and they might have discovered some ways to circumvent this lack of a save feature. In fact, the game’s port has some FPS issues that have to be solved by player experimentation as well.

Note: As a disclaimer, it is worth noting that these methods are not officially approved and might not work at all. They’re still worth a try though, if you’re feeling particularly anxious about your world not saving correctly.

Method 1: Quit to Menu 

The first of these methods requires you to quit your game to menu through the pause menu. By doing this before you quit your game, you can make it more likely that your game saves correctly.

Pause Menu in Enshrouded

Method 2: Resting at Flame Altar

The second option you can try to increase your likelihood of saving correctly is interacting with the Flame Altar. Some players have reported that this makes your game save progress.

Flame Altar in Enshrouded

These were the two methods we had to recommend in order to save your game more consistently. Hopefully, force saving will be a quality-of-life feature added to the game later. For now, good luck!

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