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Enshrouded: All Guard of the North (Knight) Armor Pieces

Instantly look more intimidating with this special armor set




For anyone looking for a strong armor set in Enshrouded that also looks extremely good, the Guard of the North armor set is what you need. The armor can be obtained fairly early and will be able to carry you for quite a bit in the game.

This article will be looking at all the 5 different pieces of the set, and where you can find them. The different pieces all give different buffs, so having the full set is very useful. Other than that, the look of the complete armor set makes it a must-have!

All Guard of the North Armor Pieces

Map of whole area containing the 5 different armor pieces

All 5 pieces of the armor set can be found within the area on the map above. You will find this area on the northeast of the map.


Map location for pants

To get the pants, you will need to make your way to the location marked by the arrow above. Over here within the castle walls, you will be able to find a chest that contains the pants.

pants item description

The Guard of the North Pants boasts a very high physical resistance and magical resistance for pants. Other than that, the pants also boost your stamina by 8.

One thing consistent with all the different pieces in this armor set is the decrease in maximum time in the Shroud. The pants will decrease the time you can be in the shroud by 30 seconds.

  • 27 Physical/Magical resistance
  • -30s Shroud time
  • +8 stamina


map location for gloves

You will find the gloves near the shroud root location on the map. This is indicated by the purple marker on your map.

item description for gloves

The gloves offer lower defense than the pants, but this is pretty normal in Enshrouded. Other than that, the gloves give you a damage boost on three different types of damage.

Similarly to the pants, the gloves also decrease the time allowed in the shroud, but this time by a minute.

  • 12 Physical/Magical resistance
  • -60s Shroud time
  • +4% Magic, Ranged, and Melee damage


Map location for boots

You can find the boots just to the east of the previous location. The boots will be on top of a tower that you will have to climb using ladders and your Grappling Hook. Once you get to the top you will be able to see a chest containing the boots

Boots item description

The unique buffs the boots give are health and stamina regeneration. Both of these are extremely useful at all stages of the game.

  • 12 Physical/Magical resistance
  • -30s Shroud time
  • +1 health regeneration
  • +2 stamina regeneration


Map location for chestplate

To get the chestplate of this set, you will have to make your way down to a tomb. The map above indicates where you can find this tomb.

Chestplate item description

Chestplates in Enshrouded normally give the highest defensive stats, which is also the case for the Guard of the North Chestplate. Other than the 44 physical and magic defense, the chestplate also gives you more defense with an increase in HP.

  • 44 Physical/Magical resistance
  • -45s Shroud time
  • +160 Health


Map location for helmet

The last piece of the set, the helmet can be found on your map at the “The Pike” marker. This location is up north from all the other pieces we found so far.

Helmet item description

In terms of looks, the helmet is what gives this armor set its distinct look. The helmet gives you a very special buff that increases your critical strike chance.

  • 18 Physical/Magical Resistance
  • -45s Shroud time
  • +13% critical strike chance

In total, the armor subtracts 3 minutes and 30 seconds from your maximum shroud time. Early on this can feel a lot, and if you are going into the shroud for extended times maybe this set isn’t the best option.

The armor’s high defensive stats paired with the buffs it provides still make this set a very good option for players looking for a versatile and powerful armor set.

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