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Enshrouded: Best Skills to Get in Early Game

Skill up and progress!




Enshrouded has a pretty intricately designed skill tree system. It features a ton of different skills to invest in, and tons of different play styles to try out. The word “invest” is the keyword here, as a lot of the time you have to get some prerequisite skills to get the one you really want.

You have a limited amount of skill points to invest though, and it’s pretty easy to run out of them. Some skills are more important than others, and the best ones are listed below so you can prioritize getting them!

Best Skills to Get in Early Game

Double Jump:

The first skill we recommend getting is the Double Jump skill. You can get this by going through one of two different ways:

  • The Athlete Tree: Get Jump Attack Enhancement
  • The Survivor Tree: Get Endurance and Runner
Double Jump in Enshrouded

The second one is recommended here. It will take a combined three skill points to get 

Jump. The double jump is a great option for both exploration and combat. It can help you get to higher areas faster as well as give you an additional way to dodge attacks. 

Another neat thing about the Double Jump Ability is that it can help you deal with Stamina restrictions. At the start of the game, the low stamina can be a real annoyance. This can help you circumvent some of those limitations. 

Lumberjack and Mason:

Early on, resource gathering is incredibly important. You need resources to be able to craft better gear and weapons, after all. That’s why I feel that these two skills are game changers at the start of the game. 

Resource Gathering Skills in Enshrouded

Having both of these greatly decreases the amount of time you will have to spend on resource gathering. There are no prerequisite skills to get these two, but they do cost 2 points per node.

These skills enhance the damage of your Axes and Pickaxes, allowing you to collect more resources faster. If you’re at a point in your playthrough where you don’t need many resources then you can skip this one. 

The Warrior’s Path:

The Warrior’s Path is a melee-based skill that grants a 10% damage buff to all of your Melee attacks, no matter what weapons you use. 

Melee Skills in Enshrouded


The Marksman is a range-based skill that gives a 10% damage buff to all of your ranged weapons during combat. 

Ranged Skills in Enshrouded

This Is The Way:

This Is The Way is a mage skill that will boost the damage of all of your casted spells and magic abilities by 10%.

Magical Skills in Enshrouded

Note: You’re likely to be using any two damage types out of Melee, Ranged and Magic as the game allows you to swap between two. Invest in the two nodes you want, not all three.

Melee Buffs:

There are some additional Melee skills that buff damage based on your weapon’s type. They are listed below:

  • Slasher: 10% Additional Cutting Damage 
  • Brute: 10% Additional Blunt Damage
  • Thrust: 10% Additional Pierce Damage
  • Butcher: 20% Additional Cutting Damage
  • Hammer Time: 20% Additional Blunt Damage
  • Pierce: 20% Additional Pierce Damage

Tank Skills:

If you’re gonna be spending most of your time in combat using melee, then it’s worth investing in some tank-based skills. These allow you to take more damage and boost your armor’s usefulness. The two you should try to get are:

  • Shiny Plates: 10% More Armor Points for All Physical Armor 
  • Heavy Plates: 10% Higher Damage Mitigation

Both of these skills are a must-have for fighting close-range battles, as your health isn’t exactly substantial at this point in the game. 

Range Buffs:

Players who prefer ranged builds have a lot of different skills to choose from. They are:

  • Sharpshooter: 20% Additional Ranged Damage
  • Sniper: 10% Higher Crit Chance 
  • Skill Shot: 20% Additional Headshot Damage
  • Eagle Eye: Closer Zoom while Aiming

The first 4 are must-haves for anyone with a ranged build. Eagle Eye should only be used if you feel like it would be beneficial for your playstyle though.

Magic Buffs:

If you want purely the highest damage, then magic is what you should choose to invest in. There are a few skills that you could get for magic, some of the best ones are:

  • Quick Charge: 50% Lower Charge Time for Staff
  • Arsonist: 10% Higher Fire Damage 
  • Thunder: 10% Higher Shock Damage
  • Iceman: 10% Higher Ice Damage 
  • Pyromaniac: 20% Higher Fire Damage 
  • Lightning: 20% Higher Shock Damage
  • Sub Zero: 20% Higher Ice Damage
  • Unity: 24% Chance to Recover 2% Mana When Using Wands 

It’s worth mentioning that from this list of skills, you should only get the ones that work for you. For example, getting Pyromaniac when you only use shock-based spells would be a waste.

These are some of the best skills in the early game to give you an edge in both combat and other progression. So grind and get these, it’ll make things a lot easier for you!

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