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Enshrouded: Powerful Mage Build Guide

Be the Gandalf of Enshrouded




Enshrouded being an RPG means players can build their character in the way they want. The game gives you a lot of options when it comes to choosing your character’s build.

This guide will focus on a very strong and fun mage build that you can go in Enshrouded. We will walk you through everything you need to know to turn your character into a DPS monster as a mage.

Powerful Mage Build Guide

For every build in Enshrouded, the 3 main things you need to pay attention to are:

  • The stats
  • Weapons
  • The skill tree

We will look at what you need to pay attention to in each category, and how to perfectly shape your character into a mage.



There are 6 primary stats that you can allocate stat points to in the game.

  • Constitution
  • Spirit
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence

When going for a mage build, the 2 most important stats to put points in are constitution and intelligence.

Constitution increases your character’s HP in Enshrouded. Putting points into this will be a priority for most builds in Enshrouded, as the damage enemies deal increases a lot later on, and health is a necessity to survive in the game.

Intelligence is your primary stat for dealing damage in the game as a mage. Allocating points to intelligence will directly increase the damage you deal using your spells.

Other than that, spirit increases your mana and endurance increases your stamina. Both are very useful to have, but not more than constitution and intelligence.



One of the weapons you can use for damage dealing as a mage will be staffs. Staffs in Enshrouded allow you to cast a number of different spells. The staff you equip can also have their own attributes that can boost your damage or give you other benefits.


Wands are the other weapons you can cast spells with. Unlike staffs, wands in Enshrouded allow you to cast a specific kind of spell depending on the spell element type. Wands will also apply buffs to your spells.

Skill tree

For a mage build, you want to mainly be focusing on the blue skills in your skill tree.

Skill Tree Mage
Wizard/Battlemage skills

The skill tree in Enshrouded allows you to put points in any tree you want. Upgrading the blue ones will improve your damage and other aspects related to spellcasting.

As you put more points in a tree, you will be able to unlock stronger effects and abilities.


Putting a few points in other trees like the red one can also help. The image above shows the Constitution skill that isn’t a part of the blue skill tree but is still very useful to have.

You can check out our guide on resetting skill points if you want to change from some other build to a mage one.


Enshrouded also allows players to carry and consume a wide variety of consumables at all times. Consumables are especially useful for mage builds because most of the time when building as a mage, you will be very weak in the early game.


Consumables like Grilled Game are very helpful early on to give you a small health boost. This can help you survive the early game and make it easier for you to scale into the game.

There are also a ton of consumables you can consume later on in the game.


“Prayer of the Flame Scroll” is a legendary consumable that gives you big buffs. Consumables like this are useful at all stages of the game, so be sure to collect these and use them in areas where you might need a bit of help.

How to Play as a Mage

With a mage build, the main thing you always need to remember is that you have a range advantage over most enemies. Playing at the edge of your range and weaving in spells while dodging enemy attacks is the most effective way to play as a mage.

Overall, mage builds are a ton of fun to play due to their high damage potential. Mage builds also scale very well, as a lot of the buffs you get as a mage are percentage-based. Percentage-based buffs are much better when you are nearing late-game numbers for damage.

Enshrouded is also a very new game right now, which means the balance of the game is not the best. The mage build feels very strong right now, and we recommend you have fun with it while it stays this strong.

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