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Palworld: Can You Create & Host A Private Server & How Many Players Can Join?

Create your own world and explore it with friends!




Palworld is an upcoming survival and crafting game set to release on the 19th of January. It was developed and published by Pocketpair and is currently available for purchase on Steam.

There is a lot of hype around the game’s release due to its multiplayer mode which allows players to play online in the game’s expansive world. Alongside the multiplayer, players can also play the game offline by themselves.

With the game so close to release, many players have been wondering how the servers, and server hosting in the game will work. Will you be allowed to create and host your own servers,  and how many players can join these servers?

Can You Create & Host A Private Server & How Many Players Can Join?


As of now, Palworld will allow players to create and host their own servers. The developers of the game will provide all the necessary tools players will need in creating and hosting their own server.

The maximum number of players that can join a private server is limited to 32 for now. These players will be able to join the server and play on it as long as the host keeps it running.

Private servers are not the only way to play the game online. Players can play on Palworld’s official public servers. You can play with up to 4 players when joining a multiplayer game on the official servers.

Private Servers vs. Public Servers

When it comes to gaming, private servers are usually much more reliable than public servers. This is mainly due to private servers having more control over who joins and plays on the server. Less players joining and playing on private servers means less strain on the server.

Public servers do have the worst performance, but they are there so anyone can play and enjoy the game. The official public servers in the game will be much more accessible, and there for all to use and enjoy.

For players who want more control over the server they play on, Private servers are the better option, as they can limit the players and players can have a smoother experience with their friends.

Progress Across Different Servers

Palworld gameplay

As of now, you can not have the same character for different servers. This means that a character you play with on a private server can not be used on another private or public server.

Pocketpair has communicated on their discord that this is something they aim to provide to players.

Alongside this, cross-play and progress across different platforms is also being worked on by Pocketpair. cross-play isn’t in the game right now, but many players are hoping that it is added soon.

It’s important to remember that Palworld is still in its early access stage. A lot about the game can still change and improve. The developers themselves have mentioned multiple changes coming to the game soon.

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