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Last Train Home: Can You Rename Characters?

Can you customize your Czechoslovakian soldiers?




Last Train Home features a lot of soldiers and units for you to command, but it’s unclear if you’re able to customize these characters and rename them.

The game blends management elements similar to Frostpunk with tactical RPG combat most similar to the popular XCOM series, all set to a historical backdrop.

So, if you’ve been wondering if you can ever change your characters’ name in this game, we’ll answer your question! Just read on and we’ll tell you everything we know.

Is There a Character Rename Feature?

Due to Last Train Home’s focus and goal, it seems that every character is preset and there is no ability to rename them at all. Every character is unique, just like their names.

Despite drawing similarities to games like XCOM with its turn-based strategic combat, Last Train Home is a much more grounded setting where every character and their life matters.

Every character in Last Train Home is unique and predetermined. This is in contrast with other similar tactical RPGs like XCOM, which focus on having customizable generic units.

Last Train Hope characters
Source: Last Train Home on Steam

As such, they all have their own unique names that can’t be changed by players. This design decision seems extremely unlike to change via updates, either, so don’t expect it to be added to the game down the line.

Never say never, of course. Still, it seems like a conscious decision meant to make Last Train Home’s characters more unique.

The developers have even mentioned in the past that they got inspired by the real-life stories of the Czechoslovak Legion. This means that the names themselves might draw inspiration from real historical figures.

Taking everything into account, the preset names seem to be here to stay. They’re meant to represent real people in a real historical setting, after all.

So, there you have it! It‘s impossible to rename characters in the game currently and it seems unlikely that this will ever change.

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