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Last Train Home: Are Maps Random?

Look at the number of maps you’ll be able to play!

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Last Train Home: Are Maps Random? Featured Image

Last Train Home is a real-time tactical game where you come up with strategies to manage your crew and resources. Each decision you make will determine the fate of your comrades. Resources are scarce and your crew members can be exhausted at any time, but you must keep moving forward.

When you first queue for a match, you will be placed on a map. As someone who is looking forward to playing the game, you’re probably asking how many maps the game has. Playing the same maps over and over can get really boring.

Are Maps Random?

According to the Last Train Home’s developers: Tholdrin and wery, the game has a lot of maps for you to play with.

They are aware that making their players replay the same map dozens of times can be really tedious. This is why they try to vary the maps to make sure your experience doesn’t repeat itself.

Last Train Home Dev Answer Random Maps 40 Missions

If you’re also wondering how many maps you will have, here’s the answer for you. There will be a total of 40 missions, and each mission is going to have a unique map. On average, each map is going to take you around 25 – 40 hours to complete, so there is a lot for you to do.

Last Train Home Dev Answer Random Maps

If you are considering getting this game, then definitely go for it. With 40 missions, your experience won’t be repetitive.

Every decision you make will have a unique outcome, and this depends on the current situation as well. This means that even if the map repeats itself (randomly), your gameplay experience will still be different and not be the same.

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