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Granblue Fantasy Relink: All Characters Ranked from Best to Worst | Tier List

Your favorite will always be top-tier in your heart…




Granblue Fantasy: Relink launches with 18 playable characters, and we took it upon ourselves to rank all of them from best to worst in our tier list.

Of course, tier lists are hardly the most accurate thing this early into a game’s life. Nonetheless, it’s fun to see which characters are the best and worst this early on!

So, without further ado, continue reading to check out our tier list for our ranking of all launch characters in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

All Characters Ranked from Best to Worst | Tier List

Granblue Fantasy Relink: All Characters Ranked from Best to Worst | Tier List

Before we dive headfirst into the tier list, you should know that this is a very early tier list. As such, we have no idea how the meta will develop over time for Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

On top of that, there are certain characters that everyone has had more time to play with, thanks to them appearing in the playable demos for the game.

Gran using his Ultimate

Others, though, such as Rosetta and Vaseraga, weren’t available until the game’s launch. So, basically, we’re all still learning their strengths and weaknesses!

Things will also vary a bit if you’re focused on using only single-player-friendly characters, for example.

In short, though, just don’t take an early tier list like this to be 100% set in stone.

With all of that said, let’s get right into the tier list!

S Tier


Charlotta – Charlotta wowed everyone who has played her, as she’s extremely fun to play while also being extremely powerful and versatile. She’s an easy top-tier choice!


Rackham – If you want a strong DPS character with good range, Rackham is your boy. Rackham’s guns allow him to rack up damage easily without having to get too close for comfort.


Yodarha – The more he does combos, the faster he can use finishers. On top of that, combos will buff his skills! Extremely easy to use, extremely quick, and capable of dishing out extreme damage.


Rosetta – Rosetta gets to control the battlefield from a safe distance with her extremely long-range AoE attacks. She can also buff her allies, making her excellent for support and crowd control.

A Tier


Zeta – Zeta is surprisingly agile, as she can zip around the battlefield with ease while dishing out huge damage to every enemy. She also has counters as a powerful defensive option, making her very versatile!


Siegfried – The best of the slow heavy hitters, thanks to two reasons: his access to counters and his extremely powerful party-wide buffs. He fits right into any party!


Ferry – Possibly the best mix of support and DPS you can wish for. Ferry’s whip allows her to sweep extremely wide areas, and her summons can help turn battles in your favor if used right.

Main Character Djeeta

Main Character (Djeeta / Gran) – The very definition of a “jack of all trades, master of none.” They are very solid but don’t excel in any area, making them a little bland in playstyle.


Katalina – Similar to Djeete and Gran, Katalina is also a jack-of-all-trades archetype, but with a more offensive focus. Her big downside is that dodging cancels out her best tools.

B Tier


Cagliostro – A highly mobile mage character, Cagliostro can use her alchemy to bedazzle foes and take control of the battlefield. Her defense and damage are rather lacking, however.


Vaseraga – It’s no surprise that the bringer of destruction can dish out insanely high damage, if used right. The big downsides are his range and speed, which can be crippling against agile foes.


Vane – The best tank you could possibly have, Vane is extremely sturdy and can even create invincibility barriers for his allies. That said, he doesn’t offer too much besides defense…


Io – The de-facto mage archetype character. Io can stay out of range while slinging spells at her enemies, and also providing heals for the party. Has terrible mobility, but can be very helpful in the right party.


Narmaya – Narmaya is a bit of an odd one to put this low, but we have our reasons. Her damage potential is insane, sure, but she’s a highly technical character that can be very hard to use efficiently for most players.


Eugen – If you wish Granblue Fantasy: Relink was a shooter, just pick Eugen. His unique playstyle allows you to shoot foes and throw grenades like no other. Doesn’t have much party utility, but he’s quite fun!


Percival – Percival is a tough one, for sure, and is capable of dishing out extremely high damage. However, he relies on extremely slow charged attacks for his best damage, making him feel clunky.

C Tier


Ghandagoza – He can stun enemies with ease and buff all of his allies, allowing the entire party to deal insane damage. However, his extremely slow speed really makes him hard to use…


Lancelot – Lancelot is an extremely fast DPS who relies on killing enemies with a death by a thousand cuts. Sadly, this makes him feel extremely weak when compared to every other DPS character.

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