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Granblue Fantasy Relink: How to Get White and Black Outfit Color

Unlock the monochromatic outfits for your Skyfarer.




You can customize the color of your character’s outfit in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, with the white and black color palettes being some of the hardest to unlock… but also some of the fanciest!

Only Veteran Skyfarers need apply, as you will need to brave the depths of the endgame content to obtain these special colors. Gotta do it for the drip, pal.

If you’re eager to get these monochromatic outfits, though, read on for every detail related to unlocking them.

How to Get White and Black Outfit Color

Granblue Fantasy Relink: How to Get White and Black Outfit Color Header

The White and Black outfits are Color 4 and Color 5, and they can only be unlocked after you beat the game and reach the endgame.

On top of that, you will need to reach Extreme difficulty quests to get both colors. But, to be, more specific here’s the unlock timing for each color:

  • Color 4 (Black Outfit) – Beat the key Hard difficulty quests to unlock Very Hard quests, giving you the “Supreme Skyfarer” in-game trophy.
  • Color 5 (White Outfit) – Beat the key Very Hard difficulty quests to unlock Extreme quests, which will give you the “Soaring Skyfarer” in-game trophy.
Example of marked quests

We have a guide all about the endgame, if you want more details on how to progress through it. But, the basics of it are that you will need to beat key quests marked with an orange diamond.

Beat all marked key quests in Hard, and you will unlock Very Hard. Then, repeat the process for marked Very Hard quests to unlock Extreme quests.

Lyria's Journal

Once you’ve reached these higher difficulties, you will also need to check Lyria’s Journal from the pause menu.

Trophy section

Check the “Trophy” part of the journal and look for the “Supreme Skyfarer” and “Soaring Skyfarer” trophies mentioned above. Claim their rewards to unlock the colors!

Trophy Story & Quests category

Both trophies should be in the “Story and Quests” category.

The trophies that unlock color 4 and color 5

After unlocking, you can use the Customize Character menu whenever you look at a character’s details inside of the Party menu. For a step-by-step of the process, use our guide on how to use colors.

Id Color 4 example

Nonetheless, now you know everything you need to know to get the white and black outfit colors in Granblue Fantasy: Relink! Now, go kill even more monsters, Monochromatic Skyfarer.

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