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How to Connect PS5 to Hotel WiFi

Want to play online PS5 games while on vacation? We got you covered!




If you’re a console gamer who also loves traveling, you might think about bringing your beloved PS5 with you. This way, you can play your favorite games wherever you might be.

The only problem is that connecting to the internet via your hotel’s WiFi is oftentimes a pain in the butt. For the most part, you’ll end up having to do some extra steps.

If you find them confusing, don’t worry. We’re here to help you connect your PS5 to your hotel WiFi in a few, easy-to-follow steps.

Connecting Your PS5 to Hotel WiFi the Quick and Easy Way

Before we begin, let’s talk about the elephant in the room first. Can you actually connect PS5 to hotel WiFi?

Well, the answer is mostly yes. However, there will be some extra steps involved depending on your hotel’s WiFi setup.

Source: Riyard Ramnath

Some will even use an authentication system before you can hook your PS5 up to the WiFi. That said, start by heading to your PS5’s Settings page by pressing the gear icon on the menu.

Proceed to Network > Settings > Set Up Internet Connection.

Source: Riyard Ramnath

After that, simply choose the name of the hotel’s WiFi and attempt to connect to it. If it failed, go back to the menu and choose the User’s Guide option.

Source: Riyard Ramnath

This will then prompt you to open a browser. This is where you’ll be able to enter the password for the WiFi. Make sure to agree to the terms and conditions afterward.

As long as you follow these steps, you should now be able to connect your PS5 to the hotel WiFi and start playing online games.

You can also try to test the connection to see if your PS5 is actually hooked up to the internet. To do so, simply choose the Test Internet Connection option within the Network tab.

This will take a little while, but you should eventually receive a message saying “Connection test complete”.

If you go back to the menu, you’ll then see that it’s already connected to the internet.

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