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Throne and Liberty: Treasure of Daybreak Location

The exact location to this mysterious treasure.




While playing Throne and Liberty, there’s a chance you’ve run into “A Mysterious Copy of a Map”. This note guides you to a certain location with hints and an image to help you get there. Well, at this location, the Treasure of Daybreak is waiting for you.

Following our guide will help you get to the exact location of this mysterious treasure. Even if you haven’t run into the note telling you about the Treasure of Daybreak, our guide will help you get there.

Treasure of Daybreak Location

map location for the treasure

The image above highlights the exact location of the treasure. Finding this location can be a bit difficult because there are no map indicators for this location. You can find the marked location above just below the “Sandworm Lair” location on your map.

what you will see when you get to the location.

Once you get to the exact location marked on the map, you will find yourself in front of 2 mysterious rocks in the middle of the desert. The image above shows what you will be able to see.

This exact location is also what is drawn in the note that guides us to this treasure. Position yourself in front of the small rock just below the 2 bigger rocks. Other than getting to this location, it is also important you get here on time. The note guiding us to this treasure has a riddle of sorts at the bottom:

“the true power will be granted when the night turns to morning”

Night turns to morning here means sunrise, or in other words, daybreak. This is also why the treasure is called the Treasure of Daybreak. Be sure to get to this location before daybreak, because you want to be ready and waiting when daybreak comes.

Like most things in Throne and Liberty, you can do this alone or with a group of other players. So get to this location before daybreak and get yourself the mysterious Treasure of Daybreak.

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