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Throne and Liberty: How to Change/Convert Traits

Dont like a trait? Change it!




Traits play an important part in upgrading your gear in Throne and Liberty. Alongside the base stats of some specific gear, you will be able to see the traits that gear has. Each piece of gear can have up to 3 different traits attached to it.

The gear that you find in Throne and Liberty, will come with at least one Trait attached to it. You have the option to convert This trait into a new one if you want.

Unfortunately, Throne and Liberty doesn’t really do a good job of letting players know how to convert a Trait. Our detailed guide will not only look at how to convert a trait, but it will also look at what you will need to do it.

How to Change/Convert Traits

icon highlighted that allows you to convert traits

To change a Trait attached to your item, you will need to go to the Trait section in the Gear Enchanting menu. Next to a trait that you can convert, you will see a small icon that you can click to convert the trait. The image above highlights this for you.

what you see when you click on the trait conversion icon

Clicking on the icon beside the trait will show you the new Trait that will be replacing the old one. You will have to convert potions and a specific amount of coins to convert the trait of a weapon.

Other than that, you will also need to have an extra copy of the gear you are converting the trait on in your inventory. It is important to have the copy because the new trait being added will come from that copy.

Converting the Trait will destroy the other gear in your inventory. The new Trait on your gear will start from level 1. If you had made progress on the old Trait, that progress will be lost.

Convert Potions

the 3 different convert potions available at the sundries merchant.

In total, you will need 10 Convert Potions to convert one Trait. You can find and buy these potions from the “Sundries Merchant” using your coins. The merchant will have 3 different convert potions available, each at different price points.

  • Quality Convert Potion – Used to convert Common (green) gear
  • Rare Convert Potion – Used to convert Rare (blue) gear
  • Precious Convert Potion – Used to convert Epic (purple) gear

You will only be able to use The Convert potion on gear corresponding with the potion’s rarity. The price of the potions is also dependent on the rarity of the gear it can convert. The quality potion is the cheapest, and the Precious one is the most expensive.

Once you have 10 potions in your inventory, you will be able to change the trait you don’t want with a newer one. You can convert Traits as much as you like, but it will cost you every time you do it.

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