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New World: Secret Bosses in the Brimstone Sands Expansion

Learn about the secret bosses included in the expansion.




New World is going to have a large update in October 2022. It is going to have the Brimstone Sands expansion, which introduces a new area, weapon, and more. One of these are secret bosses found in the new location, and we are going to show you what they are.

Secret Bosses in the Brimstone Sands Expansion in New World

The Public Test Realm (PTR) for the Brimstone Sands expansion of New Worlds is ongoing right now, where players can experience a glimpse of the update.

Since it’s not yet the final version, you might experience some bugs and crashes. There are 2 secret bosses found in the new area.

Brimstone Sands Expansion Secret Bosses

The 2 secret bosses in the new Brimstone Sands expansion are Elite Overlords. They are:

Solarium Khepri

The location of this secret boss is in the middle of the desert, indicated by the icon in the map above. It is just below The Ennead.

When you head inside the boss area, skeleton archers will spawn. It is annoying to get hit by its arrows while fighting the boss. It is also useless to kill these skeletons as they will only respawn.

The recommended number of players to fight the boss is 5, but it is actually a hard fight due to the skeletons, so it is safe to bring more people. The boss is a huge beetle and only comes out during the day.

Ordeal of the Scorpion

The name of the boss is Scorpio Supernal. When fighting this huge scorpion, you should pay attention to the acid burns on the floor as it can kill you or your teammates. It is an easier boss compared to the other one. This boss only comes out during the night.

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