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Grounded: Where to Find Termite Location Guide

Termites can be found in the Termite Den




The Termite is one of the many harmful insects you encounter in your shrunken journey in Grounded. These wood-eating bugs are very deadly and aggressive, capable of shooting acid balls out of their mouth from a range. They are located inside of the Woodpile called the Termite Den.

Before you venture out into dangerous territory, here’s a location guide to help you through the journey.

How to find the Termite Den?

The Termite Den was introduced during the Into The Wood update. It’s a large cave system located in the Woodpile, home to the deadly Termites, Termite Soldiers, and the Termite King.  The location is hidden away in the Shed area northwest of the map, located on the illustration above.

Termite Den has multiple entrances.  Since it’s a large cave system, many of the entrances are interconnected. Some entrances are located in difficult places to reach but I recommend the entrance at the front of the shed since it is the safest.

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Take note, Termites are very deadly in groups since they have numbers on their side. They are very aggressive towards the player and will attempt to bite and use their ability to spit acid balls. Once they group up, you can use the Bratburst to eliminate them in large groups without getting too close. A safe yet effective strategy.

So it is recommended that you beef up your stats and gear before you venture into this deadly dungeon. A tier 3 weapon and a tier 2-3 armor are recommended to take on this challenge.

Good luck!

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