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Grounded: How to Find Pine Cones and Rust

Pine Cones and Rust are vital resources in crafting strong Tier 3 weapons




Pine Cones and Rust are rare new items in Grounded that are vital resources in whipping you up some excellent gear like the Rusty Spear and Tiger Mosquito Rapier. These strong weapons and gear are important in Grounded’s endgame phase.  Problem is, not everyone knows where to find them!

But don’t worry, this guide will help you easily find Pine Cones and Rust. So, let’s dive in!

Where To Find Pine Cones?

Pine Cones are located in the upper backyard area. There’s not just a single Pine cone, but there are actually a bunch of them scattered in this area, all you need is to look a bit and it’s impossible not to come across one eventually.

Once you do find one, you will need a tier 3 hammer or a Black ox hammer to be able to harvest the Pine cones. A tier 1 or tier 2 hammer will not be strong enough to break or harvest the Pine Cone.

Also, watch out for creatures as the upper backyard has many strong hostile creatures. I recommend you have at least tier 2-3 gear before you venture into this area.

Where To Find Rust?

The are many places to find Rust in Grounded, however, the easiest place is most likely the giant toolbox that’s located beside a Field Station. I’ve also marked it on the screenshot above so you can pinpoint where it is exactly.

In order to get rust, you will need to harvest the rusted nails located beside the toolbox. Take note, like with the Pine cones you will also need a tier 3 hammer or Black ox hammer to be able to break these giant nails.

Now that you have both Pine cone and Rust, here are amazing gear you can craft with these resources:

  • Tik Macuahuitl
  • Rusty Spear
  • Tiger Mosquito Rapier
  • Spicy Staff
  • Mint Staff
  • Sour Staff
  • And more!

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