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Fortnite: The Collider | New Boss Location and Map Change

The Collider is the latest location that has been added to Fortnite. It has also become the new home to various Imagine Order bosses such as Huntmaster Saber and Doctor Slone.




Update 20.40 of Fortnite has introduced a brand-new point of interest called The Collider which has been a topic of speculations among players since it first got announced. According to these speculations, The Collider will become the new base of locations for the Imagine Order, and it turns out these speculations are right.

Let’s have a look at what this new location is and what changes it brings to the table.

The Collider | New Boss Location and Map Change in Fortnite

As mentioned, The Collider is a brand-new point of interest that’s located dead center on the island, just right off the coast of Loot Lake. It’s also considered IO territory as a lot of IO bosses, Huntmaster Saber and Doctor Slone included, chose to relocate to this area.

Since this is also where IO’s Doomsday Device is housed, it’s safe to assume that will soon become the stage for Fortnite’s live event by the end of the current season.

As a new POI, The Collider features tons of lots as well as IO Supply Chests which can you find all throughout the area. However, since it has also become home to lots of IO bosses and troops, getting these loots won’t be that easy.

What’s amazing about this location is that you can find lots of Fortnite Ascenders, IO Launch Pads, and Fortnite Siege Cannons just about everywhere. This means that you can move around the area with ease.

As of now, however, speculations regarding The Collider becoming the stage for the Live Event by the end of Season 2 will still remain as speculations until further updates have been released.

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