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Diablo Immortal: Hidden Lair Locations Map

In Diablo Immortal, Hidden Lairs are the best locations to farm for Gems in the early game.




While playing Diablo Immortal, you may have received a prompt that a Hidden Lair has opened nearby as you slaughter zombies amid spooky woods and dreary cemeteries.

While the Elder Rift is essential for obtaining Legendary Gems for your weapons and primary armor, Hidden Lair mini-dungeons are the best source of regular gems for buffing minor equipment.

Hidden Lair Locations Map in Diablo Immortal

You’ll eventually get a notification saying, “A hidden lair has opened in this zone” while exploring Diablo Immortal. This indicates that one of the lair’s typically sealed entrances has opened nearby. The tricky part is determining which one it is.

If you go to the nearest hidden lair site, you should be able to find an entrance that works like any other dungeon. However, you need to hurry as some players can clear it first.

Locating Hidden Lairs

Even when closed, Hidden Lairs are easy to find because all concealed lair entrances in each region appear the same. The ones in Dark Wood, for example, resemble ancient tunnels.

All of them will have a visible blue glow. The following are the locations of Hidden Lairs in their specific Zones:

The Hidden Lair Locations in Bilefen can be seen in the photo above.

For the Library of Zoltun Kulle, use the map above to find the Hidden Lairs.

Shassar Sea has six Hidden Lairs marked on the map above.

Lastly, Dark Woods has seven Hidden Lairs that you can access.

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