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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: How to Get Out of the Depths

The Depths is a dark and scary place, unless you know your way out of it.




The Depths is an underground area that you’ll eventually come across during your playthrough.

While it’s an exciting place to discover, the problem is that navigating can be tough due to the absence of light. Also, getting into the Depths is one thing, but getting out is another.

You can’t just go back to the same spot you used to get in. And if you can’t manage to find your way out of the Depths, this guide should help you out.

How to Get Out of the Depths in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Source: 100% Guides

You will be able to enter the Depths once you have the paraglider.

Once you’re inside, you won’t be able to get back to the surface using the same method you used to get in. However, there’s a really easy way to get out of the Depths, and that’s by using the fast travel system.

Source: 100% Guides

Once you’re in the Depths, all you have to do is open your map and switch the view to the Surface map using your D-pad. After that, simply choose which point you want to fast travel to.

Click A to Confirm, and you should be out of the Depths quickly and easily.

Alternatively, you can also use your Ascend ability to get to the surface. However, the problem is that you can only do it in certain locations.

Aside from that, you have to do it in a location in the Depths where it’s high enough that the surface won’t be that far off. Unfortunately, there are only a few such locations in the area.

So, the most convenient means of getting out of the Depths is to simply open your map and use the game’s fast travel system.

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