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The Legend of Zelda: ToTk: How to Use Bubbul Gems

These seemingly simple collectibles actually have some decent uses!




Bubbul Gems are one of the many collectibles you can find during your adventure in Tears of the Kingdom. And just like most collectibles, the game won’t really tell you how to use them.

You’ll be able to come across your first Bubbul Gem in Great Sky Island, and until then, you won’t have any idea as to what its use might be.

To help with the confusion, this guide will show you exactly how you can use these gems.

How to Use Bubbul Gems in The Legend of Zelda: ToTk

Your first encounter with a Bubbul Gem is from the side quest called “The Hunt for Bubbul Gems!”.

You can get this quest from Koltin who will ask you to obtain a Bubbul Gem inside the cave and give it to him.

Source: SwitchForge

To get your first Bubbul Gem, you’ll want to head to the Pico Pond Cave where Koltin was in. Once inside, look for a Bubbulfrog and defeat it in order to get your first Bubbul Gem.

Source: SwitchForge

Simply loot the gem that it drops and give it to Koltin in order to complete the quest. He will then reward you with a Bokoblin Mask for your efforts.

Your quest doesn’t end there, however.

After consuming the Bubbul Gem you just gave him, Koltin will then run off to Tarrey Town. Koltin’s brother, Kilton, will then show you where you can find him.

Simply head to the location to find Koltin’s shop up on the hill. However, you need to head to the location at 9 PM onward for his shop to appear.

Source: SwitchForge

Simply talk to Koltin to access his shop. He will then offer you a random item, be it in the form of a monster part or armor, in exchange for a certain amount of Bubbul Gems.

Also, the amount of Bubbul Gems he’ll request will increase each time he has a new item available.

Aside from that, there are no other uses for Bubbul Gems, so try to spend all of them as you can.

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