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New World: How to Unlock Brimstone Sands Secrets | Glyph Guide

A large task like finding and collecting 26 glyphs requires the assistance of not only other party members, but also a handy guide to pinpoint all the precise locations in New World.




To actually check out which Glyphs you’ll need, you’ll want to open your Journal, and then Documents – you may have set this to a default key. From there, select “Tales of Brimstone Sands.” Once on this page, head over to “The Ancient Glyphs.” Acquiring all of these glyphs will net you a ‘secret’ in addition to chest and access to other regions.

Any of the corresponding glyphs which are blank or blocked out are ones you’ll still need. We’ll cover where to locate all of them in this ‘How to Unlock Brimstone Sands Secrets’ glyph guide.

How to Unlock Brimstone Sands Secrets: A Glyph Guide for 26 Glyphs in New World

Page 1/26 – Palace of Nekhbet: This is Northeast of Brimstone Sands. It is also Southwest of the Crossroads Shrine fast travel waypoint. Once there, climb the main staircase. Once at the end, carefully drop below onto the platforms. You’ll locate DINGTA; wisdom of the word ABOVE.

Page 2/26 – Beds of Ta-Bitjet: This can be located just north of the Nomad’s Temple waypoint for fast travel. Also nearby to the Southeast is Brimstone Sands. Once you’ve reached the area, you need to climb the rocks to the left hand side of the map.

Once you find the standing pillar and the staircase, you need to drop down onto the two ledges beneath. From here, you’ll find a cave entrance to your right. You’ll locate JIIBA; wisdom of the word SHADOW.

Page 3/26 – Atum’s Way: This is located directly to the west of Brimstone Sands. This glyph will require clearing some enemies from directly in front of the monument. You’ll locate KEYYA’ YIB; wisdom of the word CROSSROADS.

Page 4/26 – Great Shrine of Thoth: Located directly to the northeast of Brimstone Sands. This can only be accessed once you’ve progressed the main story questline to the point of Watering the Seed. Once you’ve done that, you will need to complete Perrin’s first quest. Once you’ve unlocked this quest, you need to travel to Hermopolis which is back southwest from the Great Shrine of Thoth.

Drop down from the Shrine of Thoth after completing the quest to locate TEYII; wisdom of the word JOURNEY.

Page 5/26 – Great Shrin of Thoth: Requires the quest “An Ancient Balancing Act,” which can be obtained from Perrin at the Great Shrine of Thoth. Once you have the quest, you’ll want to head to Aqua Anuket.

From here, you need to find the start of the aqueduct and run all the way across it until you reach where it is broken. Once you do, you need to drop down and turn to find the glyph on the wall. This will help you locate WETZUU; wisdom of  the word GIFT.

Page 6/26 – Heliopolis (Elite Stronghold): This can be located northwest of Brimstone Sands. You can skip the entrance by placing an encampment outside, and climbing the scaffolding over the wall. Avoiding the boss on the right hand side, you’ll want to venture up the cascading sets of staircases until you reach the main boss. Here you’ll locate CRUUJ; wisdom of the word SUN.

Page 7/26 – Diospolis: This is related to the quest “Power of the Ancients,” which is northeast of the Mercurial Shrine as a fast travel waypoint. Once you enter through the large temple door, you’ll need to defeat the ‘guardian,’ which is the last main scarab on the ground floor.

Once you’ve done this, ascend the staircase and climb until you reach the next temple door and enter through it. After the cutscene, you’ll obtain AMBA; wisdom of the word MOUNTAIN.

Page 8/26 – Solarium Khepri: You’ll want a large group (ideally around 10) to complete this fight, and the boss will only spawn once per day. Once you’ve cleared the arena, you’ll have a short period of time to collect the glyph PIMBII; wisdom of the word DAWN.

Page 9/26 – Pools of Orcus: Head to the split in  the path where you’ll notice a pillar next to a pool with an enemy inside. You’ll need to defeat them first to obtain D’UN-YICH; wisdom of the word ORDEAL.

Page 10/26 – Temple of Isis: This is located to the southwest of the Cradle’s Rest fast travel waypoint. This is the very top point of Brimstone Sands, at the north of the capital. Jump through the crumbled wall – you’ll be able to approach the pillar from the back and obtain HIMDE; wisdom of the word OCEAN.

Page 11/26 – Lamp of Osiris: This can be found to the west of Cavalier’s Shrine and pretty much directly to the south of Brimstone Sands. Once there, locate the entrance and turn to the right.

At the top of the stairs turn left twice, and follow the corridor until you locate a crack inside the wall. If you head through here, you’ll be able to obtain the glyph after clearing the surrounding enemies. The glyph is AABER; wisdom of the word DAY.

Page 12/26 – Place of Pillars: This may possibly be locked behind the main story quest “Challenging the Pharaoh.” You can locate Place of Pillars east of the Rock of Apophis fast travel waypoint.

Once there, you’ll need to complete a jumping based puzzle across several varying pillars and once you do, you should be able to easily locate the glyph in the wall directly in front of you. This will get you the glyph ITKA; wisdom of the word BELOW.

Page 13/26 – Heru Plaza: This can be located to the west of the Cradle’s Rest fast travel waypoint. Once there, run through and up the stairs – run past the last set of stairs and over to the large circular emblem on the wall. You’ll notice the pillar in the direct middle. This glyph is DZUU; wisdom of the word FIRST.

Page 14/26 – Locked behind the main story quest “A God Awakens.” This requires you to face Apophis. The glyph will be located in the large tomb in the bottom; J’IJ is the glyph and the wisdom of the word is SEALED.

Page 15/26 – Palace of Nekhbet: This is also locked behind a main storyline quest. Once you’ve completed the past prologue main story quest, you can speak to Anna. Once you’ve obtained the quest, you need to make your way to the wall between the crossroads fast travel point and the palace.

Enter the door on the quest marker, and keep on climbing the stairs until you reach the top. Once there, turn right and make your way through the crack in the wall. Drop through the hole and inside the room directly in front of the stairs. Head to the broken segment of the wall and climb it. Go up the ramp and head up the stairs on the left hand side. Glyph: TSADZUI. The wisdom of the word is WALL.

Page 16/26 – Locked behind the main story quest ‘Cursed Apophis’ and is located at Hermopolis. Once you’ve solved the puzzle to open the portal as required, go through to the room on the other side. On the opposite side of the room you will locate the glyph HID; wisdom of the word HOME.

Page 17/26 – Available after the final boss fight at the end of the Ennead expedition. This is located to the west of the Shrine of the Nine fast travel waypoint marker. The glyph you’ll obtain here is B’EYEG; wisdom of the word CHAOS.

Page 18/26 – Arit-en-Geb: This is located directly to the east of Brimstone Sands. Once you arrive here it is simply located on the wall of the small stack of ruins! The glyph is RIIGA; wisdom of the word PERSONA.

Page 19/26 – Locked behind a side quest that will have you traveling to Satet, located to the northeast of Brimstone Sands. Once there, you will need to locate the pillar in a corner against the wall. This will reward you with EYBUE; wisdom of the word VIRTUE.

Page 20/26 – Forge of Ptah: This is located to the west of Brimstone Sands. Climb the stairs here until you reach the very back area where you see the pillar. The glyph is CRUUJ’II; wisdom of the word STRENGTH.

Page 21/26 – Castrum Principum (Elite Stronghold): The easiest way to access this region is going through the fast travel waypoint the Shrine of War, and then make your way through the road between the mountains.

When your grouping is all ready, head towards the campsite and through it. Stick to the left, clearing out any enemies in your path. Carry on through past the ogre and the stairs – turn left and follow along the wooden platform through all the enemies. Once you read a point where you see three ogres, carry on past them and down the set of stairs.

You’ll find D’UN GA; wisdom of the word DESTRUCTION after the final set of stairs in a room filled with enemies.

Page 22/26 – Ordeal of the Scorpion (Elite Stronghold Arena): You can get there by simply following the path from the Shrine of Thoth up the hill. You’ll need the prior page 9/26 to open the main door. Alternatively, the cliff around it can be climbed. Once you’ve beaten the actual Ordeal Arena, you’ll have a short period of time to interact with the pillar, and the glyph is also needed to open the chest inside the room. The glyph is TAB; wisdom of the word NIGHT.

Page 23/26 – Serpent’s Pass: You can get to the point of this cliff by traveling from the fast travel waypoint at Cradle’s Rest, north of the capital. As you approach, stick to the right side of the road and stick behind the wall segment until you come out on the right side. Clear out the three enemies in front of the pillar. You’ll obtain the glyph B’ENGYING; wisdom of the word SHIELD.

Page 24/26 – Located at an unmarked/unnamed piece of land. The best way to get here is through Wurmsign Obelisk fast travel waypoint. See below for the exact location on the map. As you approach the area as designated on the map, you’ll notice a ruined brick wall, and on the backside of it will be a pillar containing the glyph. The glyph here is TSANGMIIJ; wisdom of the word FOOD.

Page 25/26 – Heka’s Cauldron: This can be located southeast of the Cradle’s Rest fast travel waypoint. The pillar for this glyph can be located at the jagged and spiked large white rock next to the pool. If you approach from the side while in a crouch position, you can prevent triggering the nearby enemies. The glyph here is JICH; wisdom of the word WATER.

Page 26/26 – Sopdu Hot Springs: This can be located to the south of the Great Shrine of Thoth. As you approach, stick more closely to the larger body of water on the map, and find a stone pillar you can jump onto to de-aggro the enemy mobs there. Attached to that pillar in the middle of the body of water is the final glyph. This glyph is DUBUU; wisdom of the word RIVER.

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