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New World: How to Get 590 Greatsword | Greatsword Expertise Guide

Get the Greatsword as soon as the expansion launches.




On October 18, the Brimstone Sands expansion of New World will go live. New zones, weaponry, and expeditions are all included in the expansion.

The experience in the New World will also be enhanced by some new mechanics. We will demonstrate how to obtain 590 Greatswords, one of the new weapons.

How to Get 590 Greatsword, Greatsword Expertise Guide in New World

You’ll need to improve your Greatsword Expertise once the Brimstone Sands expansion for New World opens. Your starting Greatsword Expertise is 500, and the Gypsum Orb or the Infused Orb must be used to raise it.

The amount of Expertise you can earn is increased when you have an Expertise of 580. You can also store your Outpost Rush Cache for later use because doing so will boost your Expertise.

Obtaining a 590 Greatsword

The named items that drop when the expansion debuts in New World will have a 590 gear score. The Blackguard’s Greatsword is a good Greatsword that you can get as soon as the expansion is released. It might be dropped by Ekheke, a Miniboss. The Tempest Heart Expedition is where you can find the miniboss.

This boss may be found early in the dungeon; thus, you can simply repeat the expedition after you fight it. Although not the best, The Blackguard’s Greatsword has a respectable stat and is suitable for use as a starting Greatsword.

You will have to wait for your selected Greatsword because there is currently no information on what mobs can drop the other named Greatswords.

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