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Grounded: How to Unlock Explosive Arrows | Sticky Key Guide

Explosive Arrows can be unlocked using a Sticky Key




Arrows are vital tools used for ammunition for the Bows in Grounded, meant to engage opponents from afar. Recently, the game has added explosive arrows called Bomb arrows that give out cool explosions once you shoot them.

If you want to know how to unlock the explosive arrows, then continue on this guide and we’ll teach you how to get the sticky key needed to get the bomb arrows you need.

How to Unlock Explosive Arrows in Grounded

To get the Explosive arrows, you need to get the Sticky Key that’s located on the top-right part of the backyard.

Once you get there, there’s a piece of gum on a piece of missing brick called Chewed Gum that’s on top of the wall. You can use the vine beside the wall to climb and reach the gum.

The Sticky Key is located inside the gum so make you bring at least a tier 2 shovel to dig at the Gum. Remember, a tier 1 shovel will not be strong enough to dig at the sticky bubblegum.

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Once you’ve secured the key, head to the giant tire in the middle portion of the backyard that’s filled with water. Inside the water, is a chest that contains explosive arrows and a few milk molars.

Also, remember to be careful as the area also contains Spiny Water Fleas that are much faster and more hostile than a normal Water Flea.

To unlock the chest, all you need to do is approach and then use your sticky key to open it, giving you access to explosive arrows. To craft them, all you need are Splint arrows, Fungal growth(x2), and Gunpowder clump(x2).

Congratulations! Now you can make stuff blow up with your badass bomb arrows.

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