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Grounded: How to Get Tier 3 Axe

Get your Tier 3 Axe in 3 easy steps




Each tool in Grounded is specifically designed to accomplish a specific task. For Melees, these tasks are of different varieties. Hammers are for busting while Axes are for chopping. These are available in 3 tiers in which the higher the tier, the stronger its effects.

The strongest Axe is the Tier 3 Axe, Termite Axe.  As evident from its tier, it’s the axe that deals the highest damage, and it’s capable of cutting through almost all natural materials.

This guide will teach you how to easily get the tier 3 axe! So, let’s get to it.

How to Get Tier 3 Axe in Grounded

There are only 3 easy steps you need to know to get the tier 3 Axe

  • Get Termite Chompers
  • Analyze Termite Chompers
  • Farm termites

Material-wise, you’ll need two Termite chompers, three Termite parts, and four Bug Gloop.

1. Get Termite Chompers

You can get Termite Chompers from the Termite Soldier. The Termite Soldier exclusively drops them, so you won’t get them from any other insect in the backyard.

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You can find many of these critters at the Termite Den located northwest of the map beside the shed. I recommend the entrance at the front of the shed, as it’s the safest. Remember to keep a weapon and your wits about you, these guys are very dangerous especially when in groups.

2. Farm Termites

Farming Termites allows you to get the other necessary components to craft a tier 3 axe. Don’t worry, finding and fighting termites is much easier than a Termite Soldier.

Termites also drop Termite parts and Tough gunk. These items are extremely common but nonetheless are needed for crafting.

3. Analyze and Craft the Termite Axe

Once you got your hands on Termite Chompers, you should analyze this item. This can be done at your nearest workbench.  Analyzing allows the player to learn the recipe for making the Termite Axe.

Finally, all you need to do is craft your materials together at a workbench to finally create the Termite Axe. Remember, the Termite Axe is the strongest axe, boasting double increased damage from its predecessor’s damage.

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Axe TiersDamageStunSpeed
Tier 3: Termite Axe31.53.5
Tier 2: Insect Axe1.51.53.5
Tier 1: Pebblet Axe11.53.5

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