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Grounded: How to Get Assistant Manager Keycard

Not yet ready to face the boss? Here’s a mini boss for you to fight!




If you think that Grounded is a simple and laidback co-op survival game, you better think again. This game is also filled with dangerous creatures that you and your friends have to deal with. From bees, to spiders, to mechanical creatures, all these are considered as dangerous and angry creatures.

Giving emphasis to the mechanical creatures, these are commonly found inside the laboratories. These angry creatures are called Tayz.t. Other than this, Tayz.t also has a weaker version and a heavily weaponized version called Ruz.t and Arc.r respectively.

If you think that the weaker version is actually weak, let me tell you that there is also a boss version of Ruz.t so you would not choose to belittle this robot. This is called the Assistant Manager. There is a point of this game where you have to defeat this enemy to get the Assistant Manager Keycard.

In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to successfully get the Assistant Manager Keycard.

How to Get Assistant Manager Keycard in Grounded

The Assistant Manager is one of the mini-bosses that you can encounter in Grounded. It is the more dangerous variant of Arc.r. You can find the Assistant Manager in the Black Anthill Area. As mentioned before, there will come a time when you will have to face the Assistant Manager and retrieve the Assistant Manager Keycard. This will happen when you reach the last challenge of the Black Anthill Area.

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Go to the southwest location of the Backyard. You can find the entrance to the Black Anthill Area near the Sandbox and in the Trash Heap.

Once you see the entrance, go through it until you reach the Black Anthill Lab. Take note that as you explore deeper in this area, it will become darker than it is in the opening. Having said that, you must have your Torch with you to make travelling inside easier.

When you have already reached the inside, keep walking forward until you encounter a large, cracked rock. To be able to pass through this, it will require you an explosive to create a passage. Upon its explosion, enter the broken vessel and enter the door on the left side. However, you cannot enter this immediately.

Notice that there is a device beside it with a hand symbol. Approach it and hold the button to activate the biometric scanner. This is the only way to have an access through the door.

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When you enter this room, you will encounter few Tayz.t that you will have to deal with. After defeating all of them, approach the machine on the side and interact with it to gain access to Sector A. When this happens, you can now leave the broken vessel and look for Sector A outside.

As you enter the Sector A, you will see a hole on the ground. This passage can easily be seen because of the light it emits. Jump down here and you will see another entrance—go through it. Inside, you will see another door, make your way through it and keep walking straight until you encounter another wave of Tayz.t. Defeat all enemies and approach the machine to gain access to Sector B.

Behind the machine you interacted with, there is another door that you have to go through. You will see two different paths on both left and right. Go to the right one. Keep walking straight to the right path until you reach the Sector B. Keep heading forward. Beware of all the black ants here since they will attack you once your presence is sensed.

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Keep walking until you see this button. Activating it will open up the large gate. This will reveal a large facility inside. However, there is still a barrier that need to break in order for you to reach inside. To go inside, use an explosive. By doing this, the glass barrier will break, and this opening will serve as your entrance.

Keep heading forward and you will encounter another machine. Approach and interact with this to gain access to the Observation Chamber. Once you activate this, the facility will deploy numerous Tayz.t together with the Assistant Manager.

Do your best to defeat the Assistant Manager by landing long-ranged and melee attacks on it. When you successfully take this down, collect the drops from it and look for the Assistant Manager Keycard.

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