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Grounded: How to Find Ladybug Head Location Guide

Hunt in the nature and survive its creatures. Know the location of Ladybug head here.




The most important thing in playing Grounded is to survive. To do this, you must learn how to adapt and fight the vicious creatures that may attack you anytime. However, not all insects that you will encounter in this game will harm you all of a sudden.

There are also some that are passive in nature. There will be no problem between the two of you unless they sense a threat around them. One of the passive creatures that you can meet while playing Grounded is the Ladybug.

Ladybug is harmless and will not attack you right away so there is no need to fight with it every time. However, there are certain situations wherein you have to hunt ladybugs and scavenge their body parts.

You might be wondering why a need is there to collect the body parts of a ladybug. But to tell you, these ladybug body parts can be used to craft armors and weapons. Aside from the body parts, taking down a ladybug has a chance of dropping uncommon items.

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Now that you have already known the stakes of hunting down such a passive creature, it is time now to reveal the location of these ladybugs.

How to Find Ladybug Head Location Guide in Grounded

There are several locations you can choose from while searching for ladybugs in pursuit of its head. Usually, these insects are roaming around the Grasslands and Flower Bed biomes. But to give you specific places, here are your options in going after the ladybugs.

The Oak Tree

Since ladybugs love the grasses, the oak tree location is one of the best spots you can clearly think of. It has a wide area so make sure to check the whole place for these ladybugs.

However, despite the ladybugs being harmless, you should be wary about the spiders around here. Aside from the ladybugs, there are also some vicious spiders and bees that will attack you once spotted.


The Central Grassland is a common spot to locate ladybugs. If you are here, you can easily tell if there is a ladybug even from afar.

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Once you see and hear grasses that are rustling, there is a high possibility that a ladybug is somewhere near the area.

Near Ponds and Puddles

The reason why ladybugs are passive and do not attack anyone is that it is not their objective. If you see a ladybug walking around, the main reason for that is because it is looking for food and water.

With that information, we can therefore say that areas near bodies of water are also good spots to search for ladybugs.

Flower Beds

Other than grasses, ladybugs are also fond of creeping under the flowers because of the honeydew produced by aphids. You can take advantage of this and sneakily attack the ladybug while it is searching for its honeydew.

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