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Fortnite: All 25 Character Locations in Season 2 Chapter 3 | Dr. Strange, Brainiac, Guaco, and More

Chapter 3 of Fortnite season 2 has 25 characters that you can unlock. Getting their locations might be tricky, but you’ll find them in no time with this guide.




Season 2 Chapter 3 of Fortnite features exciting characters, including the master of the mystic arts; Doctor strange. He comes with other characters, including Tsuki 2.0, Gunnar, and the Origin.

There are also special quests that allow you to reprogram the Omni sword pickaxe in the sense that you can use a different blade with it, different guard, color, and sound.

All 25 Character Locations In Season 2 Chapter 3 – Fortnite

The characters are scattered across the map, and some characters have different locations.

The Origin, The Imagined, and The Visitor

You’ll find The Origin character in the sanctuary and the Visitor at the launch pads.

The Imagined character has three different spawn locations, including the Seven Outpost III (northeast of the Daily Bulge), Seven Outpost IV (south of Condo Canyon), and Seven Outpost V (west of Command Cavern).

The Scientist, Agent Jones, The Foundation, and The Bunker Jonesy

You’ll find The Scientist at the Synapse Station, The Foundation at the Sanctuary, and Bunker Jonesy at The Joneses.

Agent Jones has two spawn locations, including Seven Outpost (southeast of Greasy Grove) and Seven Outpost II (northwest of logjam Lumberyard).

Ludwig, Brainiac, Mullet Marauder, and Jonesy The First

You’ll find Ludwig, Brainiac, Mullet Marauder, and Jonesy The First at different spots of The Joneses.

Cuddle Team Leader, Metal Team Leader, Cuddlepool, and Quackling

All of them are seen at various spots in Camp Cuddle.

Guaco, Lil’ Whip, Bao Bros, and Tomatohead

Guaco is at the Greasy Grove, Lil’ Whip is at the Coney Crossroads, Bao Bros is at Condo Canyon, and Tomatohead is at the Tilted Towers.

Doctor Strange, Mancake, Peely, Gunnar, Huntmaster Saber, and Stone

You’ll find Doctor Strange in the Daily Bugle, Mancake at the Butter Barn, Peely at the Wrecked Bus, Gunnar at the Command Cavern, Huntmaster Saber at the Tilted Towers, and Stone at the Fortress.

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How To

How To Unlock Full Body Buso Haki In Sea Piece Roblox

To Enhance Buso Haki: Follow this guide!

Doben Villaruz



how to unlock full body buso haki in sea piece roblox

Playing Roblox has always been fun, especially for youngsters who are imaginative and like to create their own worlds, whether it be in video games, anime, or comic books. The Full Body Buso Haki in Sea Piece may be difficult to unlock for some of you, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered on this as we’ll show you how to get it! Some of us want to play the game and don those famous outfits that we stole from the bosses that we defeated.

Learn From a Mentor

how to unlock full body buso haki in sea piece roblox2

One of Roblox Blox Fruits most potent powers is haki. The skill provides your character a new dimension and can aid you in numerous victories over elemental users. In Blox Fruits, you must master the haki skill from an ability teacher and evolve it to the highest level in order to obtain a full-body haki.

how to unlock full body buso haki in sea piece roblox3

The most popular method is to pay a visit to the Frozen Village ability teacher. The master is within a cave opening in the island’s right-hand corner.

how to unlock full body buso haki in sea piece roblox4

Engage the teacher in conversation and select the improvement skill. You can learn the skill for $25,000 but only if you pay.

Multiple Haki Stages in Blox Fruits

how to unlock full body buso haki in sea piece roblox5

Before arriving to the final full-body haki, there are five separate levels of armament haki. (As seen in the aforementioned image.)

how to unlock full body buso haki in sea piece roblox6

Your body will be covered in haki, which will give it a lustrous black aspect.

In Blox Fruits, how do you improve your Haki?

how to unlock full body buso haki in sea piece roblox7

You must practice your ability in order to advance your haki. During training, bosses and NPCs are targeted with basic melee punches, kicks, or weapon attacks. Be sure to hit when using the enhancement ability. If you are using a PC, hit “J” on your keyboard to activate the buso haki.

A rough estimate of how Haki will develop at each level. Keep in mind that the estimates above are only approximations for leveling up. The battling style and counter bugs may cause the real-time to fluctuate a little.

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