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FIFA 23: How to Perform All New Celebrations

There are many new celebrations, and this is how to preform them




FIFA 23 has added various new celebrations. As well as five signature moves, the game introduces us to six brand-new goal celebrations, including the popular Griddy dance. Here is a tutorial for each of them, how to perform the new celebrations.

How to Perform All New Celebrations in FIFA 23

The signature moves include the celebrations of players such as Kylian Mbappé, Erling Haaland, Roberto Firminho, Christian Pulisic, and Sam Kerr. Here is how to do all of them.

  • Eye of the storm – Hold R1 + Right Stick ↻ (PS), Hold RB + Right Stick ↻ (XBOX)
  •  Slide Statue (Kylian Mbappe’s signature celebration) – Hold R1 + Hold Right Stick ⇨ (PS), Hold RB + Hold Right Stick ⇨ (XBOX)
  • Arm Swing – Hold L1 + Flick Right Stick ⇨ (PS), Hold LB + Flick Right Stick ⇨ (XBOX)
  • Griddy – Hold R2 + Flick Right stick ⇧ ⇧ (PS), Hold RT + Flick Right Stick ⇧ ⇧ (XBOX)
  • Slide and Flex – Hold R1 + Hold Right Stick ⇩ (PS), Hold RB + Hold Right Stick ⇩ (XBOX)
  • Billionaire Strut (Connor McGregor walk) – Hold L1 + Hold Right Stick ⇩ (PS), Hold LB + Hold Right Stick ⇩ (XBOX)
  • Gamer Celebration – Hold R1 + Flick Right Stick ⇨ ⇦ (PS), Hold RB + Flick Right Stick ⇨ ⇦ (XBOX)

For the signature celebrations when you score with a certain player just press x for PlayStation or a for Xbox and they will perform their celebrations.

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