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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: How to Change Color and HDR Settings

Elevate your gaming experience by customizing your game’s color and HDR settings.




In playing a first-person shooter or FPS game such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, the number one thing you have to trust is your eyes. Aside from your aim, you also have to consider the state of your game’s graphics.

Tracking enemies is an important element in playing CoD Modern Warfare 2. However, you cannot do this effectively if you have an unideal game color and HDR settings.

You might be thinking that these are not something you should put your hands on, but believe me, those are added in the settings for you to customize and adjust according to your own preferences.

Having said that, we made this brief guide to assist you whenever you are ready to touch your game’s settings. Let’s get going!

How to Change Color and HDR Settings in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Source: YourSixGaming

Changing your in-game interface element colors and HDR settings can significantly improve your gameplay. You can easily familiarize the marks and can effectively give accurate callouts to your teammates.

With that, let us start with the changing of interface colors.

Changing In-game Interface Colors

Source: YourSixGaming

Familiarization with the in-game element will be the one to help you easily win the game. The colors of your teammates, enemies, and objectives are the most important to know.

To change these, go to the Options and open the Settings tab.

Source: YourSixGaming

Below the gear icon, you will see the Accessibility options. That is where we are headed to. Press the button assign to it, and go to All Accessibility Settings. Then choose Color Customization.

Source: YourSixGaming

Here, you can freely adjust the interface of your game. Start with the Color Filter and Color Filter Target. Choose first Filter 1, and then use it for Both the World and Interface.

Next, go to the Hud Color Palette. You can choose here the palette that you want as the indicator of the elements in your map.

After picking a palette, you can still adjust the colors individually at the lower tabs.

You can also check how it will look in the game by pressing the right thumb stick.

Adjusting the HDR Settings

Source: YourSixGaming

In terms of adjusting the HDR settings, you have to leave the game first and customize it in the system settings.

Go to Screen and Video > Video Output > Adjust HDR. Opening this will request you to close running applications in the background.

Here is where all the adjustments will begin. Using the up and down buttons on the D-pad, adjust the brightness until you see the sun icon inside the square.

Press Next, and it will lead you to the darker version. The same thing; adjust the brightness using the same buttons until the sun icon is barely visible.

Press Next to finely tune your HDR. When everything is good for you, press OK.

The next thing you can do here is to go back to your system settings and go to Settings > Accessibility > Display and Sound > Color Correction.

From here, enable the Color Filter. You can also pick the colorblind settings here and apply them to your system as well.

Doing this, you will notice that the screen will appear darker but the colors will be more vibrant. If you think it is too dark, or vice versa, you can still adjust the Intensity slider at the bottom of the settings.

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