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War Robots: Best Beginners Setup | Starter Guide

War Robots has well-designed and different robots; many of them are evocative of adorable sci-fi movie robots.




War Robots is a shooter game in which players control robots that fit in the palms of their hands. There are dozens of robots in the game, each with its strengths, weaknesses, and skills. Also, there are countless weapon combinations to choose from.

Best Beginners Setup | Starter Guide – War Robots 

Sniping and medium-range combat are often only viable until you have a stable of close range robots with the 4th Hangar slot unlocked; this guide focuses primarily on close-range combat.

Patton (Long Range)

The Patton is usually used with the brawler; replace the brawler with a gecko. The Gecko is great magnums are good shredder and spark, harder to get but would be good.

The Gecko has a lot of firepower at long range. The goal in this game is to outrange the enemy with a patent because it is not a good brawling fighter.

Leo (Long or Short Range)

This is the first tank brawler you’d have in the game, Leo, with a lot of HP suitable for long and short-range combat. It is beneficial on its shredder, blaze, ember and spark.

You could also use punishers and pins the best. However, it is best to go with DPS ( Damage per Second) and DPM ( Damage per Minute).

Griffin (Short Range)

Once you reach level 13, you can purchase the Griffin, which costs silver only. Due to the shocking jump foes, it is more like a brawler than a long-range robot. However, the Griffin the Griffin can also be used with long-range choices like shredder, pulsar, and spark.

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