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Uncharted Waters Origin: Best Trade Route for Level 40

Get rich by making use of the best trade route once you hit level 40!




Trading is an important part of Uncharted Waters Origin. By making use of trade routes, you will be able to buy and resell a variety of goods across the world. All this for a pretty profit, of course!

Additionally, you will open more ports and trade routes as you increase your Company Level. In general, you can get access to more ports every 5 or so levels.

But once you reach Company Level 40, you might start to wonder what is the best trade route out there. Well, let’s find out!

Best Trade Route for Level 40 in Uncharted Waters Origin

Source: Luizeba Games

Once you reach Company Level 40, you will gain access to the East India and Southeast Asia regions for trading. This will open up the port at Malacca which will be your ultimate destination when trading now.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, right? Let’s break down the trade route step by step.

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Source: Luizeba Games

First, start from Europe as usual. Head over to Saint Petersburg to buy Vodka and Felt. Next, move to Stockholm to buy Aquavit and Two-Handed Swords.

After Stockholm, sail to Visby and buy more Aquavit and Two-Handed Swords. Your cargo should be pretty loaded by now! As such, you will now sail directly to London.

Once you’re in London, buy Steel and Whisky then sail to Dover and buy more Steel and Whisky, if possible.

If you still have free cargo space, sail to Plymouth and buy some more Steel.

You should now have all the trade goods you need and your cargo should be full. It’s time to start heading toward Malacca in Southeast Asia!

Source: Luizeba Games

Stop at Sierra Leone, Cape Town, and Toamasina as you make your way to Asia. You will use these ports to restock and resupply as needed. From Toamasina, sail directly to Malacca.

What to Do Once You Reach Asia

When you reach Malacca, sell all the European trade goods you stocked up on. Before you leave port, stock up on Mangosteen, Kapok, and Benzoin.

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Sail from Malacca to Pasay. At this port, you want to buy Agarwood, Ylang-Ylang, and Benzoin. After that, sail to Aceh to buy Pepper and Mangosteen.

Now, depart from Aceh and sail to Kochi in India to buy Musk and Pepper. Then, head to Kozhikode to buy Sapphire, Musk, and Pepper.

You’re now done with trades in Asia and should return to Saint Petersburg in Europe. Use the same ports you did before to restock when needed.

Once you’re finally back in Saint Petersburg, you can restart the process. Just keep looping this trade route as much as you want!

This trade route is by far the best when you reach Level 40! You can optimize it even further by stopping at ports in Africa to buy Platinum, but this greatly increases the travel time for marginally better profits.

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