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Throne and Liberty: How to Make Lucent with Trait Flipping

Money, money, money!




If you’re smart and play the Marketplace well in Throne and Liberty, you’ll be able to make a lot of Lucent via Trait flipping.

Lucent is the premium currency, so being able to get it by just selling in-game items is definitely welcomed. And nothing’s more important for selling than Traits!

In this guide, we’ll give you tips and tricks that’ll help you earn lots of Lucent in the in-game Marketplace.

How to Make Lucent with Trait Flipping

Throne and Liberty's Marketplace

Making Lucent in Throne and Liberty’s marketplace is entirely going to depend on your ability to find items with great Traits that are going for strangely cheap.

To be frank, some players simply list items for a lot cheaper than they actually should. Some people just don’t know what they have, or they just want to get rid of things!

The most important thing to look out for are simply the Traits on equipment. Nothing else really matters besides the Traits.

To help you out, we have a guide about the best-in-slot Traits for every type of equipment. These Traits are the ones you should focus on when trying to make Lucent by flipping items.

Example of a best-in-slot Trait item for sale

As an example, here are some of the most important Traits currently:

  • Skill Damage Resistance – Found on accessories like Cloaks and Belts.
  • Skill Damage Boost Usually found on Rings and Necklaces.
  • Heavy Attack Chance – Mostly found on weapons.
Example of a best-in-slot Trait item for sale

If you get marketable items with these Traits and don’t need them yourself, put them up on the Marketplace for some Lucent!

You can usually ask for a lot of Lucent for them, so we recommend setting high prices when listing the items.

Example of the Marketplace's Tax Rates

If you are instead going to focus on buying cheap items and flipping them at higher prices, though, make sure that you keep the Taxes in mind.

Marketplace Taxes might change via updates or based on what your Dominion is, but the game takes at least 20% of your sale price as taxes. Keep this in mind so that you can make a profit!

Selling Trait Extracts

The last thing we want to talk about are Trait Extracts, which you can get by basically breaking down certain pieces of gear.

Why are they important? Well, it’s because they allow you to work around Marketplace restrictions!

Example of an unmarketable item

Most of the gear you’ll get and craft is not Marketable by default. You can see this due to them having a greyed-out scale icon on their item sheet.

The unmarketable item from before, now turned into a sellable Extract

However, all Trait Extracts can be sold at the Marketplace for Lucent! That’s why it’s important to turn unmarketable items into marketable Extracts.

Do be aware that the Trait Extraction process will destroy your source item and will also cost you over 100,000 in Gold.

For more info on how Trait Extraction works, refer to our all-encompassing guide on Traits.

The Trait Extraction interface

But, the basics of it are that you just need to choose it form the inventory and have 10 Extraction Flames that match your item’s rarity.

Make good use of this to be able to sell expensive Traits you otherwise wouldn’t be able to sell!

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