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Throne and Liberty: How to Fast Travel

Travel across places in a matter of seconds




The ability to fast travel in games, especially open-world ones has become a necessity in recent times. With how big the maps in many games are, playing without a fast travel feature will make traveling in these games feel like a chore.

Throne and Liberty’s fast travel might seem a bit weird to a lot of players. The fast travel feature works very well but is a bit different from other games. We will be looking at how exactly the fast travel in Throne and Liberty works and how to use it.

How to Fast Travel

fast travel point on the map

Fast traveling works very fast in Throne and Liberty. You can open up your map and click on a waypoint that you have unlocked to travel to it. Unlocking this waypoint requires you to first discover it in the game.

One of the coolest things about the fast travel in this game is how quick it is. As soon as you click at a waypoint, you will instantly be able to travel to that point.

a fast travel point that requires you to pay

There is one thing related to fast travel that you won’t see in most other games. Some waypoints will have a cost attached to them. This cost is what you will have to pay if you want to use that waypoint as a fast travel point.

You don’t have to worry though, as there are plenty of free waypoints all across the map. The paid waypoint feature just stops you from spamming fast travel to go anywhere you want.

Alternatives to Fast Travel

Constantly using paid waypoints to travel isn’t a very viable option. Instead, you have a few alternatives that can help you move around the map very quickly.

Flying Animals

flying animal with a stamina bar at its side

The ability to transform into animals in Throne and Liberty is very good to have here. Especially for flying animals, as these can help you traverse long distances.

Many fast travel points in this game are at high points, from where you can easily glide down to where you want to go.

When using a flying animal, the one thing you have to be wary of is your stamina. If your stamina runs out, you will fall and might die. Accelerating your animal in the air also uses a ton of stamina.

Flying Whale

traveling on the back of the flying whale

The idea of using a flying whale to travel to places sounds a bit too weird, but it is something you can do in Throne and Liberty. Despite it sounding weird, it is still very effective and useful. On top of that, it is also a lot of fun to be on top of a flying whale alongside your friends and other players.

You can find the flying whale constantly roaming around the world of Throne and Liberty. If you manage to get on it, you can stay there and go wherever it is going. To get off all you have to do is to jump off. Using your flying animal transformation, you can safely land on the ground.

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