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Spellforce Conquest Of Eo: Necromancy Guide

Soul searching!

Alexis Ongsansoy



spellforce conquest of eo necromancy guide

With the changes SpellForce has gone through lately the game has become more approachable to the public. After all, not everyone has a sixth sense and can click off into the fog of war knowing in full that Iron Ones are going to come out of it. So now, turn-based strategy and hex grids come into play. Okay so that makes things less confusing, but now you’re left with the question of “Which class is the best pick for winners?” The easy answer would be to go for Necromancers, the hard part would be how to effectively use them. But that’s where we come in!

Necromancy Guide | SpellForce: Conquest of Eo

Now if you’re already familiar with what a Necromancer is you would know that these godless heathens are filled to the brim with power that only brings death and destruction to any hero brave enough to get in their way. In this guide we’ll make sure that you roll over anyone who gets any funny ideas regarding your rule!

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spellforce conquest of eo necromancy guide2

Now the two main things you need to know as a Necromancer is your Soul and Ingredients, you only start with three slots but that’s more than enough at the moment to make any recipes shown on the left.

Let’s start with your Soul. You get these mainly by fighting enemies, you can also get them as rewards. You can also get some Necromancy that helps you get more Souls.

spellforce conquest of eo necromancy guide3

Next is Soul components, they’re broken down into three levels. You’ll be needing these to make units that you control out in the field. Each level offers a different boost to the unit that it will end up with. For example, if you happen to have Pure Enrage Soul then the unit you will make out of that Soul will get the Frenzy status effect. That gives +1 to damage!

spellforce conquest of eo necromancy guide4

Remember to check the Soul you’re using! If you use a Tier 2 Soul then that means you can create only up to Tier 2 units. You can find out what Tier the unit is by clicking on their portraits that can be found on the left.

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spellforce conquest of eo necromancy guide5

So how do you put this all together? Well let’s take a closer look at the colors. If you want to make Skeleton Warriors you will require an ingredient with the dotted circles that correspond to the thresholds in the middle of the screen.

If you add an ingredient that fills up another threshold that will end up with you creating a different unit altogether! Now the game looks like it wants us to create Skeleton Riders, that’s something we don’t want. Notice how there’s already four purple circles under Death/Life? That’s because the Soul you chose added up to the threshold as well so keep that in mind!

If you’re wondering what basic units to try out then the Skeleton Warriors, Archers and Undead Mages would be a decent pick. Later on you would want to get your hands on the Deathknight and the Haunted Armor they can dish out a lot of punishment and take plenty of hits respectively.

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spellforce conquest of eo necromancy guide6

That’s most of what you need to know about Necromancy, the basic gist is lots of fighting and soul capturing. Now go out there and figure out where to put your castle first!

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