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Skull and Bones: Where to Find Long Gun III Blueprint

Where to find the blueprints

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Skull and Bones: Where to Find Long Gun Blueprints

The Long Gun III is one of the most powerful weapons in Skull and Bones. To craft this weapon, you need the knowledge of its blueprint. Locating the blueprint isn’t as easy as it seems. In this guide, we’ll take you directly to the blueprint’s hidden location and where you can buy it!

Where to Find Long Gun III Blueprint

Blueprints are an important part of the game mechanism in Skull and Bones, without them, it’s impossible to craft weapons. Blueprints can be purchased from NPC characters at different locations on the map, but they’ll require resources!

So it’s best to make sure you have a healthy stash of silver before you head on your journey to unlock blueprints.

Navigators Cross Outpost

Click on your map and search for the Navigators Cross Outpost, near the Ungwana military camp, as seen in the image above. Here you’ll find a merchant vendor who sells the Long Gun III blueprints.

Navigator's Cross

When you arrive at the Ungwana military camp, go to shore and search for a merchant standing on the beach.


Interact with the Ungwana merchant, she will then list several items for sale. The second item on her list is the Long Gun III blueprints. The blueprints cost 1000 silver, purchase the item from the vendor, as seen in the image above.

You will now have unlocked the blueprints for one of the strongest weapons in the game. Enjoy the demolition!

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