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Path of Exile: Venom Gyre Leveling Guide

Here is everything you need to know about the Venom Gyre.




Many players agree that the Venom Gyre in Path of Exile is one of the best builds to play. This build is good against various types of enemies. But before using Venom Gyre, there are factors you must consider. We are going to show you the leveling guide for this build.

Venom Gyre Leveling Guide in Path of Exile

This build will focus on the Ascendancy of the Ranger class, the Deadeye. It starts with Splitting Steel into Spectral Helix, then swapping to Venom Gyre. This method gives you better ways of farming for experience.

Leveling Guide

Before Venom Gyre, you need must first consider the following:

  • Pre Spectral Helix (level 1-12)
  • Buy Splitting Steal after killing Hillock
  • Prioritize getting Splitting Steel, Chance to Bleed, and Onslaught for the gems
  • Use Dash and Frostblink for movement skills
  • Get Whirling Blades for spammable movement skill
  • Precise Technique Helix
    • Swap to Spectral Helix when you reach level 12, buy it from the vendor
    • You can play Elemental Spectral Helix and run Spectral Helix, Trinity, Added Cold Damage, and Onslaught for the gems
    • Have more Accuracy Rating than HP so Precise Technique will work
    • Use Jewelry Crafts to get more Elemental Damage
    • Claw Mastery to gain Mana leech
    • Delaying the 1st lab is ok as it provides nothing
  • Venom Gyre Swap
    • After finish Cruel lab and Act 7 you can swap to Venom Gyre
    • Cruel lab grants +1 chain and 2 additional projectiles
    • Go with Venom Gyre, Fork, Nightblade, and Increased Crit Strikes (trinity) for your gems
    • Allocate points to Point Blank
    • Gear and Claw should have Flat Elemental Damage
    • You can sub in Determination for Herald of Ice to be tankier
    • Get Sniper’s Mark – Mark on Hit
    • Obtain Split Shot to gain additional projectiles
  • Post-Campaign
    • Craft an Imperial Claw with Flat Damage Essences, mainly Attack Speed, Crit Chance, and Flat Elemental Damage
    • Use Whirling Blades linked to cast on crit to proc Tornade and flame wall. This technique is good against single-target enemies like bosses
    • Reach 100% by getting Suppressions Nodes in the Tree
    • If possible, get Secrets of Suffering

You can also opt to not swap to Venom Gyre, and remain using Spectral Helix if you want. Both of them will have the same speed.

This build is only good at mapping. Deciding to use it as your main build requires a lot of investment and effort.

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