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Path of Exile: How to Choose a Good League Starter 3.19

League starters give you a headstart during the start of a new league since they’re fairly easy to gear and level up. However, knowing what makes a good league starter is key to using one.




Running a good league starter at the start of any new league in Path of Exile makes the game a lot easier to progress. After all, the recommended league starter builds that you see on YouTube and POE’s own forums are designed for that purpose.

But how exactly do you choose a good league starter? What is the basis that people use to call a specific build a league starter? Let’s find out.

How to Choose a Good League Starter 3.19 in Path of Exile

Well, there are a couple of things you need to consider. First and foremost, you have to take your playstyle into account. Do you prefer getting up close and personal? Or would you rather fire at your enemies from a distance?

Do you want to summon minions to do your bidding? Or would you rather have them as support? Depending on your answers, you can filter the number of league starter builds that would work for you.

After all, each league starter build is different, and knowing POE’s extensive build customization, there will be huge variations between each build.

The second thing you want to consider is the build’s mechanics itself. While most league starter builds are designed to be beginner-friendly, some just have unique mechanics that will be a bit overwhelming to learn.

As a result, you’ll find that the build you pick ends up being a chore if you don’t like its specific mechanic.

The last one you’d want to take into account is the build’s budget. Even though they’re league starters, some builds will be more expensive to build than others. Keep in mind that every new league has a fresh economy. This means that players will have no currency or items in their inventory for their very first character in that league.

This means that if you choose a league starter build that requires a bit of investment, it might take you a while to keep that build running. Also, some builds require a certain unique item to function. And with the nerf in the drop rate of unique items, that just means spending more time to grind.

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