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NBA 2K23: How to Get a Free Semi-Maxed Build | Rebirth Build Guide

The Rebirth system is now back in NBA 2K23, but in order to make use of this system, you will need to unlock it first.




If you have played previous versions of NBA 2K games, especially NBA 2K19, then you most likely have heard of the Rebirth system. It’s essentially a system that lets you create new players with a semi-maxed attribute for free.

In this guide, I’ll show you how you can unlock the Rebirth so you can get a semi-maxed build. Let’s get started.

How to Get a Free Semi-Maxed Build | Rebirth Build Guide in NBA 2K23

To order to unlock Rebirth, you need to complete the objective which tells you to find Ronnie 2K in the city. But before you can get the quest, you first need to play in the Summer League, then you will receive a quest afterward.

After receiving the quest, look for it inside your Quest Journal and in the Side Quests tab. Click on the Rebirth quest and start looking for Ronnie. As soon as you find Ronnie, you can then start solving the quest.

This map, which is shared by Redditor u/GentleGrizzly12, shows you all of Ronnie’s possible locations:

Now, Ronnie’s quest will involve four steps to complete, and each step has its own reward. Basically, you just have to reach a certain OVR for each step. They’re as follows:

  • Reach 65 OVR – This will reward you with the Sophie T-Shirt
  • Reach 75 OVR – This will unlock Custom Spawn Locations
  • Reach 88 OVR – This will grant you the ability to go Shirtless
  • Reach 90 OVR – Finally, this will unlock Rebirth

As you can see, you have to reach 90 OVR in order to unlock the system. While that might sound easy, it can actually take a bit of time.

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